Now Here This: Duran Duran’s "All You Need Is Now"

There’s lots of music stuff happening on Biff Bam Pop this week, what with the year ending and all that. I had my Top 5 Studio Albums posted and the latest Duran Duran album All You Need Is Now made the list, even though it had only been out for a few days. I make no bones at all about being a Duranie from back in my grade school days. My friends and I would watch the CHUM 30 on City TV every Sunday, and were totally into the band and the videos for songs like ‘Union Of The Snakle’, ‘The Reflex’ and ‘View To A Kill’. I remember my mom turning up the radio whenever ‘Notorious’ came on 680 CFTR, now a Toronto news station but back in the 80’s the height of awesome AM radio. Head into the 90’s and I finally got to see the band in concert on their tour for 1993’s succesful The Wedding Album, a resurgence brought on by the great single ‘Ordinary World’. In the 2000’s Pdawg and I braved my upset stomach and surly scalpers to see the original five (Le Bon, Rhodes and Taylor x 3) at a jam-packed, sweat-soaked club along with 2,000 other fans.

So I’m a fan, one that can tell you that the band hasn’t sounded as good as they do on their new album in almost 20 years. Released exclusively on iTunes for the time being (a physical version drops in February), All You Need Is Now is 9 strong songs that make a case for Duran Duran as part of the upper echelon on rock bands working today. It doesn’t overstay it’s welcome, which is always the sign of a great album; John Taylor and Roger Taylor are still a funky rhythm section; Nick Rhodes does whatever he does well; and Simon Le Bon sounds as good as he did back when he was searching for the reflex.
On that note, I thought you might like to check out the title track to the album, which is as good as any single the band has ever released. If you dig it, there’s lots more where it came from.

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