DVD Tuesday with Scotty G

Salt – Angelina Jolie stars in this summer box office hit as a CIA agent who is thought to be a Russian spy. The film is very entertaining, and if you’re a fan of The Bourne Trilogy then chances are you’ll like this film. Salt further solidifies Angelina Jolie as a bankable action star, and when she has a strong supporting cast around her (in this case Liev Schreiber and Chiwetel Ejiofor) it makes a good film even better. It’s the highest profile title of the week and I would say the must-own one as well.

Easy A – The surprise box office hit from the fall shows up on DVD today. The film stars Emma Stone as a girl who pretends to have sex with guys at her school. Some people at the school think she is actually having sex with these guys and are offended by her actions. They decide to make her their new project so she can reform her ways. This coincides with her English class reading “The Scarlet Letter”, and the parallels go on from there. The film got good reviews, and definitely made people aware of Emma Stone.

Devil – This film is produced by M. Night Shayamalan and is about a group of strangers who are trapped in an elevator. As the power flickers on and off, something happens to each person, which causes everyone to turn on each other and try and figure out who is causing this. It’s like an Agatha Christie novel, and it is also the first part in a planned trilogy by M. Night Shayamalan called The Night Chronicles.

Step Up 3 – Fans of the franchise should know what to expect by now, and this time the climax leads to a battle between two dance crews. This film is also being released on Blu-Ray in 3-D, and you really don’t go to see this film for the plot, you go for the dancing, and if you are into dance battles, then this is the film for you.

Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps – This sequel was a disappointment at the box office this past fall, but it might get more of a chance by audiences on DVD. The film picks up in 2008, when the financial crisis is about to happen. Gordon Gekko is now out of jail and a young man sees this as an opportunity to meet him, mainly because he is dating Gekko’s daughter. The daughter does not want anything to do with the old man, as she knows that he only cares about himself and money, and will turn on them when things go bad. That’s the melodrama aspect, but it also does focus on the greed and corruption on Wall Street. The famous line from the original seems truer today then it did back then, “Greed, for lack of a better word, is good.”

Family Guy: It’s A Trap – The cartoon series finishes off its original Star Wars trilogy remakes with this Direct-To-DVD sequel based on Return of the Jedi. The casting of characters from the Family Guy universe is always fun (especially that of poor Meg, who does not fair any better in this installment). There will also be appearances of characters from American Dad and The Cleveland Show in this installment. If you’ve seen the first two installments, you know you will be watching this one.


Caprica: Season 1.5

Family Jewels: The Complete Season 4 and The Complete Season 5

Futurama: Season Five

The Secret Life of the American Teenager: Volume Five

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