Pdawg On Survivor Nicaragua: What Rhymes With Bore and Snore? Episode Four!

The best part about episode four of Survivor Nicaragua was the end – and not just because it meant never having to watch more footage of Jimmy T. asking his team-mates to “put him in the game” or hearing about his great leadership skills. It looks like the producers have realized that season 21 was going nowhere fast with the younger tribe dominating the older folks, so this week, the tribes will be shaken up and the young vs. old experiment will be over.

The recap of last week’s episode will be short, because frankly, it is too painfully boring to relive in any great detail. Basically, Espada realizes they lack leadership without Jimmy J (duh) and La Flor is witness to further Naonka pleasantries once she finds the hidden immunity idol and decides to further insult Kelly B. and Alina.

At the immunity/reward challenge the younger tribe use their Medallion of Power which proves to be a good move, but probably unnecessary since Espada is completely futile during the challenge under the direction of Tyrone. La Flor wins immunity, as well as a tarp, fishing gear and cookware from Sears (plug).

From this point on all we get is Jimmy T going on and on about what a leader he is and how badly he wants to be in the game. Last we saw of Jimmy T during the challenge he was in the game but about 100 feet away from where Tyrone was telling him to go. Realizing that they booted the wrong Jimmy, Estrada decides to keep Danny – a pleasant albeit useless player – over Jimmy T. It was at this point that I realized that Jimmy T was actually a fisherman. WTF? Why couldn’t he catch any fish? Perhaps if he spent less time talking about his greatness and more time out in the water catching food, he’d still be playing for the million.

During the tease for next week’s episode we see that the players will be reshuffled in to new tribes to the dismay of Marty, the leader on the older tribe. I actually think this is good news for Marty as he has an idol and will have some power going forward. For the younger tribe, the shuffle gives Kelly B. and Alina new life in the game and Naonka a whole new group of people to insult – somebody put the AARP (American Association of Retired Persons) on standby as there’s no telling what Naonka has to say about old/older people.

It can only get better from here…

The Scribe Has Spoken…

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