DVD Tuesday with Scotty G

How To Train Your Dragon – This was a surprise hit in the early part of the year, especially because the opening weekend was very disappointing for a DreamWorks animated film, but audiences rallied around it and made it into one of the top hits of 2010. The story takes place on the Viking island of Berk, where a young boy named Hiccup is apprenticing as a blacksmith, but really wants to fight dragons. Hiccup does not want to fight them in combat, as he is a small and skinny boy who wouldn’t last a minute in a fight, but by using weapons that he has created, which he can use from a safe distance. Everyone thinks his weapons are no good and that Hiccup is just a weakling, including his own father. One night during a battle, Hiccup hits a dragon with one of his weapons. He goes out searching for the dragon to kill it, but ends up befriending it. This is a major no-no as dragons are evil and need to be killed at all costs, at least according to the village locals. Hiccup secretly begins to meet the dragon, who cannot fly due to being hit by Hiccup’s weapon, and tries out new ways to control it. This provides especially useful when he goes to dragon school and is able to tame every dragon, to his classmates’ dismay. Soon Hiccup’s secret is discovered and he must choose to stand by his village and kill dragons or side with the dragons who maybe do not want to attack the villagers at all. This is easily the must own DVD of the week.

Jonah Hex – Based on the DC comic, this film adaptation stars Josh Brolin and Megan Fox. The film revolves around Hex going after the man who killed his family and scarred him for life – Officer Quentin Turnbull. Turnbull has a new plan and that is to use a chemical orb to destroy a planned celebration during the Fourth of July (which happens to be America’s centennial celebration). The film is a disaster, and lacks focus as the story is all over the map. Brolin is the reason you will see this, as he does a fantastic job with the character, and I would like to see a sequel with a new creative team behind-the-scenes and Brolin once again in the title role (which I know will not happen). Also, Megan Fox is not as bad as critics may say she is. She is hardly in the film and I think people who are criticizing her are not being fair. I would like to see Megan Fox take on a leading dramatic role, and then we’ll see if she is an actor with substance. This is the must-avoid DVD of the week.

Leaves of Grass – This film stars Edward Norton in a duel role as brothers, one coming home to help the other, who is having troubles with the local drug kingpin. The film has a decent pedigree as Tim Blake Nelson directs (and also co-stars) and the supporting cast features Richard Dreyfuss, Keri Russell, Susan Sarandon and Steve Earle.

Lost Boys: The Thirst – This Direct-to-DVD sequel stars Corey Feldman and follows the Frog brothers who are trying to uncover a mysterious person named DJ X who is responsible for giving out a drug called “The Thirst” at raves. The drug turns out to be vampire blood, which DJ X is really using to build up an army of vampires. It is now up to the Frog brothers to find DJ X and kill him and destroy the drug.

Ladies and Gentlemen: The Rolling Stones – This film is a must-have for Rolling Stones fans as it is a concert film that chronicles their 1972 North American Tour in support of their classic album “Exile on Main St.”. What makes this DVD a must-have is that this is the first time it has officially been available in any format (it was never on VHS and I say officially because bootlegs of the film did exist). Songs that are in the film include “Brown Sugar”, “You Can’t Always Get What You Want”, “Gimme Shelter”, “Street Fighting Man” and “Jumping Jack Flash”.

The Essential Bugs Bunny – For fans of Bugs and more so for people who have never seen a Bugs Bunny cartoon before, this DVD collection is for you. The set contains the classic shorts “A Wild Hare”, “Carrotblanca”, “Baseball Bugs”, “Knighty Knight Bugs”, and “What’s Opera Doc?” to name a few. The set does not contain my favourite Bugs Bunny cartoon “Rabbit of Seville” which you can watch at this link here. I hope that this DVD helps today’s youth rediscover the classic cartoon character.


C.S.I. Miami: The Eighth Season

Dollhouse: The Complete Season Two

Ghost Whisperer: The Final Season

In Treatment: Season Two

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