Trailer Time: Scott Pilgrim Vs The World


I’ve been a big fan of Edgar Wright’s films since Shaun Of The Dead, which is one of the greatest zombie films you’ll ever come across, even with it’s comedic tones. His next big screen movie, Hot Fuzz, was good…but not great. At least not nearly as great as SOTD. But it was through those two films that I discovered the brilliance of Spaced, Wright’s classic BBC series with Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. If you’ve never seen Spaced, you owe it to yourself to stop reading right now and do whatever it takes to watch it all in one sitting.

Wright’s newest film is Scott Pilgrim vs The World, due in theatres this August. The movie, based on the 5 volume comic book series of the same name, is set in Toronto and is the story of the title character’s quest to date Ramona Flowers. All he has to do is defeat her 7 evil ex-boyfriends. The series is pop culture friendly and is pretty entertaining stuff, especially for those of us living in T.O.

Wright set up shop in Toronto last year to film Scott Pilgrim vs The World, and you can see the city throughout the recently released trailer. But as much as I wanted to be psyched to see a hint of what the live action Scott Pilgrim would look like, I have to admit the trailer left me feeling pretty cold. And I know why. It’s Michael Cera. I’ve had enough of him, and I’ve hardly seen any of his films. Skipped Year One. Haven’t checked out Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist. Dug Superbad, mind you. But I just feel like the guy is everywhere and in this trailer it surely seemed like there he was again. Michael Cera playing…Michael Cera.

I don’t know. This just did nothing for me. I’m open to seeing the film, mind you. It’s Toronto, right? But this didn’t give me the rush that the trailers for Iron Man 2 or Tron: Legacy left me with. Check it out for yourself and see what you think.

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  1. Haven't never read the series or have any knowledge of the story, I thought the trailer was just okay. Teens will flock to this movie for its quirky comedic scenes but I don't think it'll do the numbers at the box office. Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist was great but after seeing that movie, It starting to look like he's being typecast. He plays himself in in all his movies. He's a likely guy and keeps getting the same kind of roles.

    It brings to mind the Simpsons episode” Bart Gets Famous” where Bart becomes popular for saying the “I didn't do it” line. Theres only so much the people can take before expecting more.

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