Trailer Time: Nightmare On Elm Street (2010)


Oh, the horror remake. How you taunt me with your possibilities and lack of delivery. How you tease me with your potential and mystify me with your lack of follow-through.

I’m all for a new Nightmare On Elm Street film. I think the concept and character of Freddie Kruger is still a solid one and deserves to be carried on. I don’t even mind Jackie Earle Haley stepping into the glove, fedora, and sweater (even though Robert Englund could have easily continued on in his seminal role).

However, watching the trailer for this reimaging due in 2010, what I don’t understand is why the film looks to be very close to a remake of the original, Wes Craven classic. Anyone familiar with it will notice the familiar, iconic scenes. Granted, it’s been a while since I saw the original 1984 film, I can’t imagine it has aged so poorly that we need a remake. Why not create a brand new film with the core character of Freddie? Are you really going to be able to outdo the first?Has Hollywood really run out of ideas for such a unique character that they have to go back and do a remake?

Freddie Kruger is a classic horror icon and I’m quite sure there’s more that can be done with him then yet another remake. Will I go see the new Nightmare On Elm Street? Yes, because I’m curious, but it would be nice if we get something more than what we’ve experienced before. See for yourself below and let us know what you think of the trailer for this new Nightmare

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