DVD Tuesday with Scotty G

Race to Witch Mountain – This film was a moderate hit at the box office and stars Dwayne Johnson as cab driver who befriends two kids who turn out to be aliens.  He helps them around Las Vegas with the goal of finding their ship to get home.  I like Dwayne Johnson, and I keep hoping he’ll have that one break out role.  This is not that film, but it got decent reviews, and sounds like it would be fun on a rainy afternoon.

Obsessed –  The Beyonce Knowles thriller is another film that did better than expected business at the box office this past spring.  It’s a temp from hell story when the new temp, played by Ali Larter, takes a liking to Idris Elba’s [The Office, The Wire] character who is married to Beyonce.  Bad things happen, and I won’t say anymore because that defeats the purpose of thrillers.

The Soloist – Based on a true story, the film has an amazing pedigree.  Starring Jamie Foxx and Robert Downey Jr. and directed by Joe Wright [Pride and Prejudice and Atonement], the film is about a homeless man that is befriended by a L.A. journalist, who discovers that the homeless man was once a Julliard trained musician.  The film sounds like an Oscar film, but was pushed to a Spring ’09 release from its Fall ’08 date, which is usually not a good thing.  Critics did not love it, and audiences ignored it, but it should find some love on DVD

Che:  Part 2 – Steven Soderbergh and Benicio Del Toro continue the story of Che Guevara and tell the story of his guerilla war in Bolivia.  To me, you didn’t need to see Part 1 if you want to see Part 2.  The two films deal with different part of Che’s life.  If you’re interested in seeing what Soderbergh and Del Toro can do with this story, then its worth checking out.

Flight of the Conchords:  Season 2 – I must confess that I have never seen an episode of this TV series, but it has a cult following, and even got nominated for an Emmy this past year.  The basic premise is that two New Zealanders trying to make it as musicians.  Their songs are quirky and funny, and the show has a devoted following.  If you’re not a fan, start with Season 1 which is only 12 episodes, and move on to this 10 episode season.

Delgo – This is an animated film that bombed at the box office, and I mean bombed.  Released in the Winter ’08, the film cost $40 million and grossed $694,782.  Now that redefines the word bomb.  With the voice talents of Freddie Prinze Jr., Jennifer Love Hewitt, Chris Kattan, Michael Clarke Duncan, Malcolm McDowell, Val Kilmer, Anne Bancroft, Kelly Ripa, Louis Gossett Jr., Eric Idle, and Burt Reynolds, I have to wonder if all the money didn’t go to the voice talent.  The plot of the film is about a planet that is being destroyed by two warring sides.  It’s up to Delgo to save the day.  If that summary interests you, then check out this DVD.

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