Trailer Time: Andy B Overanalyzes the latest preview of G.I. Joe: The Rise Of Cobra

Have you seen the latest G.I. Joe: The Rise Of Cobra preview? It was highlighted on the MTV Movie Awards this past Sunday night, and has made its way onto the interweb.Take a moment, won’t you, and check it out. I’ll be right here waiting for you.
How’d you do? What did you think?

Well, I had some mixed emotions watching this scene. Let’s hit the good stuff – Sienna Miller’s Baroness is spot on. She’s got the sexiness of the character down pat (and believe me, when we hit the mid-20’s in the original comic book series of the 80’s, following her plastic surgery, she did become quite fetching). I didn’t necessarily need to see a hoodless Storm Shadow (he’s the white clad ninja who fires the bazooka targeting the Eiffel Tower). The thing about ninjas such as Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes, they should thrive on anonymity. Their identities should never be revealed. That being said, seeing him in action is pretty damn cool. And for a summer blockbuster tease, the flick sure seems BIG.

G.I. Joe, in both its comic and cartoon incarnations, has always been about big threats, and in this brief taste of the upcoming film we get that threat in the destruction of the Eiffel Tower. Am I the only one who, in this day and age, has a hard time watching the destruction of landmarks? It just makes me feel slightly uncomfortable to see. But it looked fairly impressive as it came crumbling down. It reminded me of one of the earliest episodes of the tv series, and that can’t be bad.

One thing that was far from impressive, and what could prove to be the film’s undoing, was the ridiculous suits that the two Joes were wearing. A previous trailer refers to the outfits as “accelerators”, which I’m assuming heightens the strength and speed of whoever is wearing them. The problem is, they have nothing to do with what made the G.I Joe team great – each members individuality. On first glance, putting two soldiers in nondescript suits does nothing to heighten their roles.

It’s hard to say whether or not G.I. Joe: The Rise Of Cobra is going to make some noise during the heated summer season. Director Stephen Sommers has had solid success with his sfx driven films like The Mummy and Van Helsing, but none of them have been what you’d call works of art. Will the Hasbro toy property be able to match the success of its plastic brothers, The Transformers? We’ll find out August 7th.

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  1. I think the film is going to be good fun, and from what I’ve seen previously I do think it will do a good job of being “cool”. The suits are problematic in that I seriously thought the Joe team were minion cops for the first bit of the trailer; and yes, Iron Man was good, but G.I.Joe was about the army, albeit specially trained special forces.
    However, the Baroness was fantastic, and they had cobra jets that looked about right. I guess we’ll find out!

  2. I just wanna see the toys brought to life.

    The Baroness looked hot, those suits did not.

    And pretty, pretty please let Zartan and the Dreadnauts have a cameo!

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