DVD Tuesday with Scotty G

Not a big week for new releases on DVD, but here is what’s new on your DVD shelves today.

Land of the Lost – The Complete Series
Just in time to cash in on the movie, the complete saga of the TV series gets released on DVD. I’ll be honest, I did not follow the TV series when I was younger, and unfortunately I still do not have any interest [as much as I’m a Will Ferrell fan, I’m not really all that excited to see the film]. This set will be a nostalgia purchase more than anything else. It comes in two different casings: standard and lunch box, so depending on how big of a fan you are, you can purchase one of the two [or both]

Law and Order: Special Victims Unit – Season 9
It always amazes me when a spin-off show succeeds. More fail [think of the Friends spin-off Joey] then succeed, and only a handful make it to Season 9. Law and Order: SVU has become a critical and commercial success. It’s a little darker than Law and Order, but just as compelling. This season is special because the show celebrates its 200th episode. This collection is in my opinion the best new DVD release of the week.

Powder Blue
This is a Direct To DVD title that stars Jessica Biel, Ray Liotta, Elijah Wood and Forest Whitaker, and is one of those films where we follow different vignettes of people’s lives, and yet they all come together. I’ve read a couple of reviews about the film, and they say the film is quite terrible, but if you’re a fan of anyone mentioned above, it might be worth checking out.

New in Town
Renee Zellweger stars in this generic comedy that quickly faded from theatres this year. The trailer sums it up: big city girl goes to small town, hates it at first, meets a guy that she doesn’t get along with only to fall in love at the end of the film with him and discover a new found appreciation for small town living. I haven’t seen New In Town, but if I’m wrong on the plot synopsis, someone let me know.

Designing Women – Season 1
The 80’s television series finally comes to DVD this week. I remember this show being on when I was young, but not carring about it at all. The series is about 4 southern belles running an interior design company. It has a pretty decent cast Annie Potts [Janine from Ghostbusters – enough said], Delta Burke, Dixie Carter and Jean Smart [The First Lady in Season 5 of 24]. It has a loyal following, and the DVD was done by Shout Factory, which do great jobs releasing TV shows on DVD, so pick it up if you’re interested.

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