The Final Showdown: Pdawg Handicaps the Survivor Tocantins Finale

There’s only a few hours left until the finale of Survivor Tocantins is played out. Last week we had to say goodbye to one of the all-time most memorable Survivor participants, Coach. Coach truly made this season watchable for me. With his warrior/samurai analogies and his tales of adventures, the guy came across as a modern-day Indiana Jones. Except Coach barely knew how to survive in the wild, was never a true physical threat, and his eccentric personality didn’t endear him to many of the other castaways. Still, I can’t wait to see him in the next Survivor All-Stars edition.

What shocked me most about last week was that the always honorable Coach didn’t make a move to ensure he never got voted out of the game. With the writing on the wall, I was waiting for Coach to “pull the chute” and claim his asthma/back spasms were too much to handle. Had he gone out for medical reasons, Coach could lay claim to never being voted out of the game…I guess he truly is a samurai warrior as he went out the honorable way.

And now, the finale. It comes down to JT the farmer, Stephen the city slicker, Taj the mother and wife of a former NFL superstar and Erinn (my pre-season pick) the girly-girl hairstylist.

Honestly, I don’t think Erinn has a chance at this point. She has no alliance and isn’t a physical player, so she is unlikely to win the next immunity challenges. Then there’s Taj. If she had a chance to win this game I believe it has passed. She could have played her immunity idol in recent weeks (given it to Sierra or Coach) to help get rid of JT or Stephen. That was her only play. If she somehow makes it to the final two, look for her to play the honesty/loyalty card. She held true to her alliances and never stabbed anyone in the back. Somehow I can’t see the jury handing the wife of a multi-millionaire another million bucks.

I am predicting a JT versus Stephen final. These two have been close friends and allies since day one and their unwavering commitment to getting to the end is remarkable. JT seems to be liked by everyone – although he really did lie to a few people down the stretch. He just did in a warm, southern kind of way so nobody noticed. Stephen, on the other hand, is the most unlikely finalist. In the beginning he didn’t look like he’d make it very far. He was awkward socially and not accustomed to being outdoors or competing at a physical level. But Stephen overcame the odds and if anyone truly deserves to win, it is him. He has grown and changed the most and he played a truly strategic game. The jury may learn that Stephen was the brains behind the Stephen/JT alliance, and if he can convince them of that, he may be the last man standing.

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