Scotty G’s Box Office Wrap-Up

All four new releases made the Top 5 of the Box Office this weekend.

I correctly predicted the #1 film this weekend with Obsessed, and I was only off by $3.5 million. Obsessed grossed $28.5 million for a solid per theatre average of $11,337. Although it might have a large decline next weekend, Sony has to be happy with the opening of this film.

17 Again fell from top spot last weekend to #2, but it dropped by 50.8% to $11.6 million. I was thinking that it would have a larger drop off, but it still had the most theatres showing it out of any movie in the top ten, so that helps. It’s per theatre average was the smallest in the Top 5 at $3,584, so don’t expect solid holds going forward.

Fighting opened right behind at #3 with $11.4 million, but it might end up being #2 when final numbers get released. I was wrong on where Fighting would open, but only .6 million of what I predicted it would gross. Its opening was decent, but not spectacular, and it should finish its run soon.

The Soloist opened at #4 with $9.7 million. I was off of my prediction of its gross by $3.7 million, and I also said it wouldn’t make the top 5. The film has to be considered a big disappointment, because it has two big stars, it was supposed to be a prestige Oscar picture before it got moved to its current April opening. Although reviews say the acting is good, the film itself got mixed to negative reviews. The Soloist is film with a short shelf life that will try to find a bigger audience on DVD.

Disney’s Earth opened at #5 with $8.5 million. I was off by $3.5 million in my original prediction. This is pretty amazing total for the film, because most documentaries do not get a very wide release on their opening weekend, and very few nature documentaries are the ones that get a wide release. We’ll see if Earth holds, because its release was timed with Earth Day. The cinematography in the trailer drew people to the picture, so we’ll if word-of-mouth can bring more people in.

So my top 5 predictions were:

1) Obsessed – $25 million
2) Fighting – $12 million
3) Monsters vs. Aliens – $9.24 million
4) 17 Again – $9.20 million
5) State of Play – $8.4 million

Actual numbers:

1) Obsessed – $28.5 million
2) 17 Again – $11.6 million
3) Fighting – $11.4 million
4) The Soloist – $9.7 million
5) Earth – $8.5 million

Next weekend is the beginning of the summer movie season with X-Men Origins: Wolverine, and Ghosts of Girlfriends Past.

Until Next Week!

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