Trailer Time: Andy B On Rob Zombie’s H2

For everyone who loved Rob Zombies’ 2007 film Halloween, you’re likely anxious to check out the sequel H2, which is due in theaters on August 28th. The trailer makes it clear that this film is totally unrelated to the original Halloween sequel. Those that had issues with Zombie’s reimagining be warned – you aren’t going to like what you see. Rather than simply have Michael Myers run rampant after his sister one more, Zombie is going to show us what’s been driving him the whole time. Watching the trailer it’s clear that Michael has mommy issues, which is cool with me because it means more Sherri Moon Zombie.

H2 was a quick shoot, something like 35 days. This trailer leaves me keen to see what Zombie comes up with this time. Get your first taste of H2 here.

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