The Buzz With Andy B: News on Spider-Man On Broadway

The New York Post got a sneak peak into the $40 million, Broadway bound Spider-Man extravaganza, titled Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark. Directed by Julie Taymor (Across The Universe) with music and lyrics by Bono and The Edge, the show is set to open at the Hilton Theater in January 2010. According the Post:

“The Chrysler Building, the Brooklyn Bridge and The Daily Bugle Building all figure prominently, their perspective skewed to match Spider-Man’s shifting viewpoint as he soars through the city.”

– villains will include Electro, The Green Goblin, Carnage, Rhino, Swarm, the Lizard, along with a baddie created for the show named Swiss Miss, whose costume consists of rotating knives and swirling corkscrews.

– an actor named Reeve Carney is in the running for the role of Peter Parker.

According to an Rolling Stone article, Bono thinks the music composed for Spider-Man: Turn Out The Dark is the most accessible he and The Edge have ever composed and hopes to record it with U2 at some point a la The Who’s Tommy. Larry Mullen Junior is not as keen, though he has yet to hear any of the tunes.

You can read more from The New York Post here.

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