Ian Rogers’ Oceanic Update: The Dharma Initiative Wants YOU!

So the question now isn’t who’s a member of the Dharma Initiative, but rather who isn’t a member?

In last week’s episode, Sawyer continued his long con and ended up recruiting Jack, Kate, and Hurley into the ol’ DI.
I figure it’s only a matter of time before Vincent the dog becomes their official mascot.

This episode, “Namaste,” was about role reversals, starting with the amusing turn of seeing gifted spinal surgeon Jack Shepherd taking a job as a janitor, and ending with Sawyer, not just as head of security but also as the new leader of the Losties.

I think it’s good for Jack to be taken down a notch. Not just in terms of his employment but also his leadership duties. Sawyer points out that when Jack was in charge of all the Losties for the three months or so they were on the island, he didn’t always make the best decisions, and this resulted in more than a few deaths.

“That’s how I like to run things,” he tells Jack. “I think. I’m sure that doesn’t mean that much to you, because back when you were calling the shots, you were pretty much just reacting.”

Sawyer has been watching the Left-Behinders (i.e., the Losties who didn’t get off the island at the end of last season) for three years and his casualty rate is much lower, as in zero. (I don’t count Charlotte’s death against him since it was it was beyond his control and had nothing to do with any of his command decisions.)

As for Daniel, any guesses where the mad scientist might be? Did he figure out how to time-travel and go skipping off into the future, or maybe the past? Did he have a breakdown after seeing the younger version of Charlotte and run away to live in the jungle, so set in his mind that he wouldn’t tell her to never return to the island (as Charlotte said he did just before she died in “This Place Is Death”). Because, you know, whatever happened, happened, Danny-boy. If the show has taught us anything, it’s that destiny calls. In fact, it’s the slogan for this season, so I think you’re kind of screwed there, bud.

This episode introduced us to a member of the Dharma Initiative named Radzinsky. Does the name sound familiar? It should. At the end of season 2, we learned that Desmond washed up on the island and was taken into the Swan station by a man named Kelvin. Kelvin, a former CIA spook (who helped Sayid become a torturer), had been recruited by the Dharma Initiative to help save the world. By the time Desmond showed up, Kelvin was alone in the station, but at one point he had a partner, a man named Radzinsky. At the time, all we knew about Radzinsky was that he was the one who created the blast door map that Locke sees during the Swan’s lockdown procedure. According to Kelvin, Radzinsky ended up committing suicide by putting a shotgun in his mouth. It’s somewhat ironic that the first time we meet Radzinsky in person, he’s building a model of the Swan station where he will ultimately end up and later die.

Some eagle-eyed viewers noted something unusual and more than a little creepy at the end of last week’s episode. In the scene where Christian Shepherd is showing Sun and Lapidus the photo of the new Dharma recruits, the doors of the processing center are blown open by a gust of wind, and what looks like a dark mist, or maybe only a cloud of dust, enters the room. In the following shot, a figure can be seen standing behind Sun. It reminded me of the “ghost” in the movie Three Men and a Baby (remember that one?). The figure appears to be a woman, and she seems to be holding something. The obvious guess would be that it’s Claire. But what is she holding (if anything)? I think it’s a white rabbit. Check out the scene on YouTube and decide for yourself.

Until then, take care and Namaste.

Or to quote Hurley: “Nama-what?”

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  1. The figure is quite blurry. Could be Claire. Could be Charlotte. Could be a stage hand holding the boom! I’d bet on Claire, here in the shack, hanging out with her Daddy. Have no idea what she may be holding, however. Her son? But he’s supposedly back in America. Isn’t he?

  2. It could totally be a boom operator. Probably is, in fact. Although I wouldn’t put it past the “Lost” crew to put some eeriness in the background. They’ve done it before.

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