DVD Tuesday with Scotty G

Another Tuesday is here, and it’s a half decent week for new releases.

Quantum of Solace – The latest James Bond film was not as well-received as Casino Royale, but I thought it was still a very good entry in the franchise. The film picks off almost immediately from the ending of Casino Royale, and at times feels very “Bourne”-esque. Daniel Craig continues to be a solid Bond, further erasing any doubt that his detractors may have once had. He really is owning the role [much like I think Hugh Jackman owns the role being Wolverine]. There’s a one-disc and a two-disc edition.

Bolt – A Disney animated film without the help of Pixar? Sounds like a recipe for disaster. Well, it’s better than you might think. It’s got some fun supporting characters, and it makes you smile more than laugh. The story centres on a dog who is an action hero on a TV show, but doesn’t realize that it’s all fake. If you like the premise then you can check out Bolt on a single disc or 2-disc DVD set.

Watchmen: Tales of The Black Freighter and Under The Hood – Anyone who is a fan of the graphic novel has been waiting for this to be come out on DVD. Fans were upset when they heard the comic within the comic was being cut out of the film, but were relieved to here about this Direct-To-DVD version. Gerard Butler is the main voice, and the comic within a comic parallels what happens in Watchmen to a degree. Again, this is mainly for hardcore fans, but is worth checking out.

Follow That Bird: 25th Anniversary Edition – For fans of Sesame Street [and weren’t we all at some point in our lives?], I’m sure it’s shocking to hear that this film is 25 years old, but it is. You get to see Big Bird, Oscar The Grouch, Bert, Ernie, and all your other favourite characters go on a madcap journey to…Follow That Bird. For nostalgic purposes – this might be worth watching.

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