Where Are The Personalities? Pdawg Recaps Survivor: Tocantins Episode II

Just finished watching episode II of the latest installment of Survivor: Tocantins, and so far, I am less than enraptured with this year’s cast. As mentioned in a previous post, the producers went for a younger, better looking cast this season and to date, the lack of depth in these characters is starting to shine through.

In previous seasons, there was always a likable or underdog character to cheer for (Yau Man, Big Tom, Ethan, Boston Rob, Amber, and Sugar to name a few). So far, Survivor:Tocantins lacks any spark or memorable cast members that you can get behind and support. The older people — usually fan favorites — are annoying (I’m looking at you Sandy) and somewhat useless (how is it that a 49-year-old US Army Sergeant doesn’t know how to start a fire in the wild? Isn’t that part of basic training?)

The most interesting relationship so far is the budding friendship between JT, the Alabama cattle rancher and Stephen, the self-proclaimed angsty Jew from NYC. These two appear to be developing a bro-mance that could go down as the reality TV version of Ennis del Mar and Jack Twist — call it Brokeback Brazil.

Highlights of Episode II were few and far between, but here’s what you need to know:

The two tribes continue to establish a pecking order and it appears that crazy Sandy is next to go when Jalapao heads back to Tribal Council.

Taj made a tactical error by revealing that she is married to former NFL running back and Heisman Trophy winner Eddie George. George played eight seasons in the NFL and went to four Pro-Bowls. While the men on the Jalapao tribe were going gaga over Taj and her hubby, others quickly realized that Taj probably didn’t need the money as bad as they did.

The Reward/Immunity Challenge lived up to advanced billing with the tribes taking part in a violent game of basketball (anything goes) set in a shallow stream in the middle of a downpour. The teams grabbed, clutched, pulled and slammed each other all over the court with body parts exposed and rivalries taking shape. At the end of the day, Taj must have learned a thing or two from her husband as she pretty much manhandled her opponents and led her team to victory, sending Timbira to their first Tribal Council.

In another Survivor twist, the winning tribe got to send one member of the losing tribe to Exile Island, but this season the exile gets to choose a member of the other tribe to join them. Nothing all that interesting happened at Exile, but Brendan and Taj both learned that the hidden Idols can be found at their respective camp sites…let the searching begin.

Timbira went to tribal and while the show built towards a Sierra departure, the blindside was back in play with Candace and her skimpy bra getting the boot…yawn.

Looking ahead to Episode III, we can only hope that something interesting happens or someone emerges as the “one to watch”. I still say Sandy is next to go on Jalapao and Sierra is still on the outs with her tribe…guess first impressions are difficult to overcome.

The Scribe has spoken…

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