Read This Book- Cincinnati Comic Expo 2023 Day 2

What a great con.

Every year I go to Cincinnati Comic Expo and every year I have an absolute blast. And every year I think it can’t get better, only for it to somehow prove me wrong.

I will say I was kind of disappointed going in, with news that several celebs, including Tara Strong, had to cancel before the con began, but this kind of this is just par for the course for big cons. Still, this is the second time Tara Strong has missed a con I was going to, so my hope of eventually getting her autograph dims more and more.

Insert sad violin…

But other then that, Saturday brought a slew of big names, from Marvel actors like Paul Bettany to fan favourites like Mythbuster Adam Savage and DC comics own Jim Lee. The fact that bigger and bigger names keep appearing is a clear sign that this convention is only getting bigger and better each year.

I was very pleased to see that the wider aisle plan alleviated the fan crush that they had last year, and with several disabled fans in attendance, I could definitely see how much better this worked for them as well.

I spent my Saturday perusing the prints, and picked up a few by artist Chrissie Zullo-Uminga and Uko Smith. I also picked up a Wonder Woman commission from Jeffery Moy that I’m looking forward to putting up in my office.

Overall this was a great experience, and if you’re in the Midwest I highly recommend attending this con. Be alert, however, that due to some renovations the venue location will change, as will the dates next year. The con will move to October, and will be held in the Sharonville Convention Center. More details are up on their Instagram page, so make sure to follow them and check this out.

Thank you again to the fantastic organizers of this wonderful event. I can’t wait for next year!

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