What’s Going On: World’s First Cinema Discuss Their Single “Palm Reader”

As a special treat for What’s Going On, prepare to step into the enchanting world of sound and vision as you meet a dynamic pop duo that seamlessly blends the worlds of music and cinema. A unique fusion of melodic storytelling and cinematic aesthetics that hearken back to the golden age of Hollywood, World’s First Cinema takes you on a captivating journey through their artistry. The Los Angeles-based duo consisting of John Sinclair and Fil Thorpe draws inspiration from the silver screen, crafting a lush sensory experience that doesn’t feel like anything else out on the pop market. The electrifying pop duo recently released the captivating single “Palm Reader”, taken from their forthcoming EP of the same name. We had the opportunity to chat with World’s First Cinema about their new music, what’s next for them, and how films play a role in their sound.

Photo Credit: Jessica Christian

How did you guys initially get together?

World’s First Cinema: We actually met at a board game party! The band originally started because Fil liked the sound of my original project (Saint Claire) and thought we could make something specifically for film and TV with the combination of our skills. World’s First Cinema just sort of spun out of control from there, like it had a will of its own.

What is it about the golden age of Hollywood that drew you in? And what led you to channel that spirit of classic cinema into your music?

WFC: It’s intriguing and dramatic – we love the ‘almost’ over-the-top theatrics that are held in that era. It reflects the sound we want to instill in our music. 

You definitely draw from a wide variety of influences. How would you describe the World’s First Cinema sound?

WFC: It’s broad and powerful. At its core, we’re a blend of symphonic tones, movie-score-inspired production, and a massive rock sound. We like to treat each song as though it’s a small vignette, a single scene from a longer film. 

You’ve got a new single out! What’s “Palm Reader” all about?

WFC: That’s right! “Palm Reader” is a great example of the vignettes we discussed earlier. A small look into an emotional scene. In this moment we see how our main character has loved and lost, and see him coming to terms with the ebb and flow of life’s journey. 

“Palm Reader” has a gorgeous Luigi Calabrese-directed video. How did you guys hook up with Luigi?

WFC: Via Fearless Records! Luigi and The CornerShop (production company) gave us such an amazing pitch that we couldn’t say no. Absolutely floored by the result, and we’ve stayed close with that team ever since. 

What can listeners expect from your upcoming Palm Reader EP?

WFC: A few new tracks and maybe some super secret deluxe surprises after the release! We’re excited to keep building this world. 

What’s next for World’s First Cinema? More new music, a tour?

WFC: Both! Very excited to get back out on the road and currently working with our agents on some really exciting routes. As for the music, there is always more coming!

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