Figure Friday: Power-Con 2023 Preview

Figure Friday is hitting the road next week as my esteemed colleague E.A. Henson and I will be heading to Power-Con. The second year in Columbus, Ohio sees a larger number of exhibitors and toy companies as well as a pretty stellar lineup of panels. Here’s a preview of some of what I’m looking forward to as well as what I’d recommend if you’re going Saturday or Sunday.

Four Horsemen Studios

Last year’s Power Con was my first foray into Mythic Legions, and what a journey it’s been since then. I’ve slowly been cutting back on my recent toy purchases in anticipation of the damage I may potentially do at the Four Horsemen booth. I’ve already secured the Power Con Exclusive Demistros, but the recent release of Cosmic Legions Book 1 is what I’m most excited for. Not only are the Horsemen bringing exclusives and a ton of Legions to purchase, they’re also debuting an all-new wave titled Cosmic Legions: OxKrewe, Book One – Thraxxon on Friday night. If that wasn’t enough, the Horsemen have promised to have that wave on display at their booth the following day at the convention. It’s a great opportunity to get a close up look at the latest chapter that will also go up for preorder this weekend. The Horsemen will also be hosting a panel on Friday that I hope to attend.

Fresh Monkey Fiction

One of my favorite figure lines to debut last year was the Naughty or Nice collection from Fresh Monkey Fiction. The company followed up the success of that line with the announcement of Operation: Monster Force. With Wave 1 of Monster Force and Wave 2 of Naughty or Nice expecting to ship later this year, I’m hoping we get to see some sneak peeks at their booth.

Fwoosh Toys

The gang from Fwoosh Toys will be hosting a panel on Saturday. I recently picked up a few of their Articulated Icon figures and was happy with the quality and detail. They have an exclusive glow in the dark Bone Brawler up for preorder which I’m very excited to get an in person look at.

Harvinger Studios

Savage Crucible successfully funded earlier this year on Kickstarter. Fresh of that success, Harvinger Studios brings the line to Power Con for a preview of what’s to come. This line is one of my most anticipated future releases featuring beautiful concept artwork and the promise of Lizard Men and Fish People. Be sure to check out their panel on Sunday as they’ve promised some surprises.

Spero Toys

Spero Toys has been receiving some good buzz recently as wave two of their Animal Warriors of The Kingdom: Primal Series has begun to ship. The standout from this line appears to be the oversized General Thane, a big burly gorilla that features two stellar head sculpts. Power Con is getting an exclusive repaint of Thane in the form of Tanger, who just might have a passing resemblance to Beast Man from Masters of the Universe.


The best G.I. Joe alternative on the market is easily Valaverse, in fact, some might argue Action Force has the Joes beat in some key areas. I’m a big fan of the weapons that Valaverse offers as they usually feature a bit more paint applications compared to some of the more Nerf-like aesthetic in the Classified line. They’ve been showing off The Vanguard, a 1/12 scale Humvee that seats up to 5 and have promised to have it on hand. Expected to go up for preorder around September, I’m excited to get an up-close look at what appears to be some amazing rocket launcher effects. Be sure to hit the Valaverse panel on Sunday!

There will also be some quality content creators on hand as well. One of my favorite figure photographers in the game, D Amazing will be hosting a panel on Friday. Dan Larson of Toy Galaxy fame will be in attendance and Pixel Dan Eardley will be participating in panels on Saturday and Sunday. It’s shaping up to be a killer weekend. Here’s to a successful show! Remember to shower and wear deodorant, please and thank you.  

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