Songs in the Key of X, Episode 62: The 1980 Show, Part Two

It’s the sequel your mother warned you about! Join Jeffery X Martin as he whisks you back to the halcyon year of 1980 one more time again. Surprises, fun, and *fireworks await you, along with more five more songs that he really wants you to listen to. Will you go along with X on this journey? What, are you scared? Wedge this episode of Songs in the Key of X into your tympanic receivers and let the music wash over you like a convertible in a car wash with the top down!

*Fireworks only available if you purchase and set them off yourself. We don’t have the budget for pyro.

Carry the music with you. It’s not as heavy as one would imagine, especially when you follow the Songs in the Key of X playlist on Spotify! That probably fits in your pocket or other tiny pieces of clothing. Videos seem to weigh more, but here are a few in case you’re stronger than you look. Not that you look like a weakling. Have you been working out?

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