Songs in the Key of X, Episode 58: The 1980 Show, Part One

Get in, losers. We’re doing music. Once again, the time machine is fully operational as Songs in the Key of X journeys back to the year 1980! There are ten songs from 1980 Jeffery X Martin wants to talk about, but you only get half of them today. That’s how episodes in two parts work, you see. Enjoy this one! Wait with unabashed anticipation for the next one! But also listen to the current episode, because there may be important backstory that you’ll need for the next one. Probably not. But maybe! Go ahead and insert this episode into your ear canals so it gets to your brain faster!

Don’t just follow the Spotify Songs in the Key of X playlist. Embrace it! Adopt it! Dress it up in a pair of bright yellow overalls and send it for its first solo trip on public transit!

Oh, and here are videos.

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