Figure Friday: Ghost’s Papa Emeritus III and a Rocket and Quill Two-Pack

For this week’s Figure Friday I am currently waiting for Amazon Japan to ship a preorder I placed almost a year ago so I’ve got nothing NEW of note to report on just yet. So let’s take a look to the future and see what’s what for preorders!

He is!

Ghost Ultimates! Papa Emeritus III Figure

If you ever find yourself discussing the “lore” surrounding a band’s personal mythology, you may be in too deep. I’ve managed to keep my love for the band Ghost at arms-length these many years, not daring to dive too deep into the various iterations of their frontmen Papa Emeritus. Even though they’re doing the exact same thing as KISS and at the risk of repeating myself (again) I’ve fully embraced the commercialism that is part and parcel of Ghost. 

I will concede that KISS walked so Ghost could run but I’d like to think that Ghost won’t stoop to shilling branded coffins or themed cruises. Plus, I can’t see KISS ever covering Genesis of all bands…

Now on to the commercialism that I am for since it benefits me personally…toys!

Super7 is at it again with their Ultimates! line of toys  and I had completely forgot that they’ve already done a Papa I and II previously. When I saw this I messaged a friend, “Check this out! It’s weird that they’re starting with III but I ain’t mad at it.” All that means is that I’m now behind schedule if I want to collect them all.

I think I may be forgiven for forgetting the last two, because while they were cool this one just seems to be on a whole other level. Check out the blurb:

Papa Emeritus III was the third leader of Ghost during the Meliora album and Popestar EP eras, during which time he took Ghost’s agenda to more glorious heights.

Super7 is excited to take your collection to new heights with the Ghost ULTIMATES! Papa Emeritus III Figure! Loaded with accessories, this 7” scale, highly articulated figure comes with an alternate mitre head, a plethora of interchangeable hands, a soft goods vestment robe, and more.

Box Contents

  • Papa Emeritus III figure
  • Alternate head
  • 15 Alternate hands
  • Robe
  • Microphone stand with removable mic
  • Thurible

Fifteen hands?!? In this economy? I don’t even know what a “thurible” is but I want one!

Papa Emeritus III is set to rock your collection in Q1 of 2024.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 S.H.Figuarts Star-Lord & Rocket Raccoon

It wouldn’t be one of my Figure Friday installments if I wasn’t writing about some prohibitively expensive import figures!

Fresh from their appearance in the finale of the Guardians of the Galaxy trilogy are Peter Quinn Quill and Rocket Raccoon in their fancy new uniforms. While I don’t think I’m going to hop on the preorder wagon for this set, I’ve still got to admit that the Rocket figure is pretty tempting. To me, it’s still mind-blowing that a favourite, deep in the bench, Marvel character of mine is a major part of the MCU. Plus, getting a figure of the character that ISN’T a largely static hunk of plastic is nothing to sneeze at, either.

The accessories are pretty light on this one, just a few pairs of hands for Star-Lord, a pair of hands for Rocket, and blasters for both. Depending on your school of thought Rocket could BE an accessory and if that’s the case it’s the best dang accessory Figuarts has put out yet! Take that Goblin Glider.

These are up for preorder now with an ETA of November so get on that preorder before Florence Welch spoils the rest of the movie for you!

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