Figure Friday Takes a Look at Two Spider-Related Releases

For this Figure Friday I have no current tales of woe to share. I finished my prescribed ‘roids and my back has healed up well enough that I’m prepared to mess it up again this weekend. I never learn. 

Even though May the 4th just happened I’m not about to write about Star Wars for this installment. Instead, I’m turning my focus to yet another Disney IP. They own everything! Read on…

Spider-Man: No Way Home S.H.Figuarts Green Goblin

You know…I’m something of a super villain myself.

I’m just going to come out and say that Figuarts missed the boat by not having Dafoe’s “crazy Goblin face” as one of the alternate heads for this figure. Maybe the technology just isn’t there yet to capture such an expressive piece of acting but having the head sculpt appear so…passive robs the figure of greatness.

With Michael Keaton’s Batman set to return in The Flash and all of the cameo-stuffed Spider-Man: No Way Home, it’s a weird time for super hero nostalgia victory laps. I’m not exactly mad at any of it because I like being pandered to and Marvel passively admitting the  absolutely no one could out Goblin Dafoe was inspired. 

Hey why didn’t my son harry show up in the movie…?

This figure is one of the more expensive S.H. Figuarts in recent memory coming in at $165 USD so it’s a big ask for most collectors. The price tag combined with my above-mentioned objections mean that I’m going to pass on it. I’m wracking my brain at the moment trying to think if Figuarts has ever produced a figure with anything other than a neutral expression but if there was every a figure that justified having a non-neutral sculpt, this would have been it.

If I haven’t managed to scare you off or if you’re looking to customize a figure for your imaginary Lars von Trier figure project, check out all the stuff the figure comes with:

Box Contents

  • Green Goblin figure
  • Alternate head
  • 3 Pairs of wrist parts
  • Alternate hood parts
  • Arm blade (long)
  • Goblin Glider
  • Pumpkin bomb

Admittedly, the Goblin Glider is pretty neat and probably justifies the hefty price tag.

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse Marvel Legends Spider-Man 2099

I’m super-looking forward to the Spider-Verse sequel coming this summer and a big part of that is getting to see Spider-Man 2099 on the big screen. The character’s cameo at the end of the first film felt like it was just for me since I’ve loved the character since his first appearance in the back of one of the Spider-Man anniversary issues with the hologram covers. 

Spider-Man 2099 was really, in my opinion, the only book from Marvel’s 2099 series of books that worked. Citation needed but I’m pretty sure it was the longest running 2099 book and the fact that the character has endured until now is in no small part due to Peter David’s stellar work on that title.

But I digress. 

I was able to snag this figure last week at Target as purely an impulse buy. The rest of the line didn’t do much for me and I’m glad that the line isn’t doing a build-a-figure so I don’t have to add another random arm or leg to one of my bins.

It’s neat interpretation of the character (and he’s definitely bulked up since his prior movie cameo) due to the highly stylized nature of the cartoon. The figure is awfully triangular with broad shoulders and a torso that tapers down to tiny legs. After a week of keeping the figure on my desk and messing around with it I was getting big Batman Beyond vibes from it. Which ins’t a bad thing at all. We’ve already had a couple of solid Spidey 2099 figures from Marvel Legends so there wasn’t much more they could do with the figure unless it was something offbeat like this.

The figure comes with a spare set of hand and THAT’S IT and that’s okay I guess. It should be mentioned that S.H. Figurarts unveiled their own version this past weekend and at first glance I had a hard time telling the two apart. I really had to zoom in to see the extra details on the sculpt and the articulation so that may be another figure I pass on considering it’s going to be minimum triple the amount of this figure’s $25 price tag. 

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