Read This Book: Uncle Highlander Heads to C2E2 – Day 1 Reflection

Hey there kids, it’s your old pal Uncle Highlander, right on the edge of day two at C2E2 with my thoughts on day one and my hopes for day one.

I have to say that my hopes this year were not super high. Reedpop gambled with the schedule this year, and dropped this epic Midwest con right in the middle of con season, going head to head with Wondercon and other big draws. As a result, I was worried that there was going to be a dearth of both industry insiders and artist talent. And while there’s no double that the siren song of Florida lured a handful of regulars away, I am pleased to report that not only was the opening day of this con just as much fun as it always is, it retains its place as this reviewer’s favourite con of the year.

Right off the bat, despite my worries, C2E2 pulled some heavy hitters celebrity-wise, including Captain America himself, Chris Evans, and the man that will always be Captain Marvel to me, Zachary Levi. Evans is joined by another Marvel heavy hitter Tenoch Huerta, aka Namor the Sub Mariner. Both men had long lines of eager fans, and the word I’ve heard so far is that everyone had a great time meeting the once and future MCU heroes.

Beyond that, artist alley, my favourite domain, is packed to the gills with fantastic artist, creators, indie publishers, and top industrial talent. Later today I’m hoping to catch Scott Snyder’s panel and get some insight into what his future holds. I also managed to catch a few quick moments with Archie comics creator Dan Parent, another personal favourite. I’ve already dropped quite a bit of money on art so far, and with the charity art auction tonight I know I’ll be eating ramen for a few weeks after!

Saturday is completely sold out, in case you were wondering how attendance looks, so I’ll be masking up and diving into the crowd today and seeing what indie treasures there are to be found.

Next year they have thankfully rescheduled the convention for deeper in April, so there should be even more top tier talent to be seen. Tickets will go on sale soon so make sure you grab yours while you can.

C2E2 will always be my favourite con of the year and will always be top of my list. If you get the chance to make it out, do your best to do so. You won’t regret it!

Stay tuned for my day two coverage! I promise I’ll remember to take photos this time!

Until then, stay safe.

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