Read This Book – C2E2 Day 2: Big Crowds and a Scott Snyder Panel

Hey there kids, Uncle Mac here with day two of my C2E2 coverage. I spent most of day one running around getting books graded, commissions ordered, and events booked. Today was all about the crowds and people watching, and let me tell you, there was a lot to see.

I knew going into today it was going to be a packed one, but even I was surprised by how full this year was. Between competing cons and Midwest weather, I thought for sure the con would be mine to explore at my leisure again like it had been the day before. Let me tell you, I was wrong.

This is a valuable con tip to any first timer: never go on a Saturday if you value personal space. Friday is the quiet day, Sunday is the day to get deals, and Saturday is the day to people watch.

Not that I just spent the day staring at people mind you. I’m a reporter, and C2E2 has some of the best panels around, so I made sure to pop into a few to see what they were all about.

The best panel by far was Scott Snyder’s. One of my favourite authors working in comics today, I was very excited to hear his thoughts on his growing legacy in comics, and let me tell you, it was really eye opening to hear.

Scott held very little back, delving into how he struggled with DC, Greg Capullo, and his own self doubt when given the task of writing Batman as part of the new 52. He talked us through how each storyline dealt with his personal fears about his future, his legacy, and even the fears his children had about growing up in an ever changing and violent world.

I’ve always loved Snyder’s Batman, but hearing him talk about how he learned to trust those around him and himself, and how he put all that into his work, made me love and appreciate those stories all the more! Snyder has vowed to do every C2E2 until the day he dies (his first ever con was C2E2 so it has a special place in his heart) so if you get the chance to go next year, make sure you plan on checking his panel out.

Today is the last day, so I’m hoping to enjoy some last minute deals, and say good bye to my con friends until next year.

Until tomorrow, Stay Safe

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