Holiday Gift Guide 2022: Chateau Picard, Romulan Ale, and more Star Trek Wines & Spirits

I don’t know about all of you, but I’ve been on TOP of my Holiday shopping this year. As I right this moment, I’m about 90% done shopping…You may now begin to wail and gnash your teeth but you’ve only your poor time management skills to blame.

Don’t despair! I’m here to help you out with yet another Holiday Gift Guide entry!

As a beverage the concept of wine has always been frustratingly beyond comprehension to me. It comes in multiple colors, it gets described as “dry” even though it’s obviously a liquid, if it’s really old it’s somehow good, and if it comes in a box and there’s like a gallon of it that’s considered bad. Wine has always existed as the third option for getting lit, the first two being beer and whisky/whiskey/scotch (which is also whisky). 

But first, a few disclosures: As you may well know I try to only submit stuff to the Holiday Gift Guide that I have personally vetted. Secondly, I bought a wine rack for my kitchen a couple of months ago. Finally, this isn’t a sponsored post but if Star Trek Wines would like to help me fill in some gaps in that wine rack I implore them to reach out to me directly.

At the beginning of 2021 a good friend of mine said they were going to be sending me a housewarming gift AND that I would have to sign for it. Knowing the company that I keep I fully expected to be gifted some manner of livestock but was pleasantly surprised when it ended up being an assortment of Star Trek Wines. 

It was all there… A bottle of Chateau Picard, some Klingon Bloodline (sealed with red wax no less!) and a couple bottles of United Federation of Planets Special Reserve. This is the perfect gift for that friend of yours that wants to get turnt but also wants to keep it nerdy and classy. There was just something about holding a bottle of wine from Jean-Luc Picard’s family winery that, as a life-long Star Trek fan, blew my mind. This stuff really falls into the category of “For the Trek fan that has everything.”

Not to be outdone, Star Trek Wines has expanded their offerings to Cardassian Kanar (as seen in the best Star Trek, Deep Space Nine), United Federation of Planets Andorian Blue, and most recently AND importantly, ROMULAN ALE

It was only logical that they’d have to produce a Romulan Ale at some point due to its in canon infamy of being one of the most potent alcoholic beverages in two quadrants. This stuff was straight up ILLEGAL in the Federation, which didn’t stop most Starfleet captains from having a private stash of the stuff. Also… it’s blue which makes it even more irresistible. 

Currently, Star Trek Wines ships to most US states but not internationally. I also wouldn’t dream of suggesting our Canadian readers have their US friends bring them some across the border, that seems illegal and you should be ashamed of even thinking of it. Enjoy the holidays in jail, you reprobates. Your grandmother that lives in St.Thomas, Ontario will be absolutely heartbroken when she finds out you caused an international incident trying to bring Romulan Ale through the Detroit-Windsor tunnel. 

*21 and Over, please enjoy responsibly. Live Long and Prosper. 

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