Read This Book – Uncle Highlander Visits the Motor City Comic Con

I had zero intentions of going to the Motor City Comic Con (MCCC) this past Saturday. A few friends had told me they were going on Sunday and I figured I’d tag along then. But then that old sneaky gal fate reared her head, and well, you’ll see

The MCCC was the first con I ever went to, years and years ago. Back then it was basically a dealer show, mainly focused on a handful of garage sale bins of old toys, a few tables of weather-beaten long boxes, and so many bootleg DVDs that eventually the actual FBI would raid them and clear out a quarter of the vendors.

But while it wasn’t much, for a young man out on his own for the first time in the big world it was fascinating.

As the years went by I’ve watched the MCCC grow and change. It went from two small cons twice a year to one larger con, and then continued to grow larger and larger each year, eventually outgrowing their old location and moving around the corner to a gigantic new showplace.

After all this time, the MCCC still has its scrappy vibe. There’s an unrefined edge to it that makes it feel uniquely Detroit (even though it’s in Novi). As a Michigan native and metro Detroit local, I appreciate that. I also appreciate that they have worked to bring more talent in then they used to, although they’re still a ways away from something like C2E2.

This year I got to meet two people I’ve been excited to meet for a while. The first is one of my childhood crushes, the fantastic Cassandra Peterson, aka the Mistress of the Dark herself, Elvira. She was kind and lovely and totally worth the wait. She was also the reason I went today instead, because I learned over breakfast that she would not be there Sunday, leading me to make some quick planning to get out the door in time.

I also got to meet the fantastic Christopher Sabat, voice of many well know anime dubs, such as All Might from My Hero Academia, and my #1 Rora Nora Zoro from One Piece.

Word to the wise, if you want Sabat’s autograph get there early and be ready for a wait. I stood for a couple hours to see him, but it was totally worth it. He was super nice and friendly, and genuinely seemed touched to have so many fans excited to meet him.

After that I wandered around a bit, snagged a few prints and browsed a few booth, but five hours of standing in lines takes a toll, and by the end I was ready for the drive home.

Motor City Comic Con is a uniquely Michigan con, for better and worse, but it’s always been part of my collecting life, and even when I don’t plan on attending, I somehow find my way there.

Until next time, stay safe!

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