Sneak Peek: James Kochalka’s ‘Dragon Puncher (Book 3) Dragon Puncher Punches Back’

We’ve got a sneak peek at James Kochalka’s DRAGON PUNCHER (BOOK 3): DRAGON PUNCHER PUNCHES BACK…a book TEN YEARS in the making! If that isn’t the text book definition of “highly-anticipated” I don’t know what is!

Here’s the blurb!

The world’s cutest book series about a cat who punches stuff just got even cuter, because this time the dragon is a big cute baby one! Dragon Puncher’s human sidekick Spoony has got his fuzzy monster pajamas and a new and improved extra-long spoon, so he’s ready for anything. But Dragon Puncher mistakes a big ball of yarn for an evil dragon, which attracts the attention of a real dragon. Still, it doesn’t matter who started it. If you punch Dragon Puncher then Dragon Puncher punches back! 

Dragon Puncher (Book 3): Dragon Puncher Punches Back will be out September 20th from Top Shelf Productions! Check out the cover and a preview page below!

This is art and I am HERE for it.

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