Figure Friday: Power Con 2022 Featuring Mythic Legions

Mythic Legions at Power Con 2022

Power Con 2022 was so successful that they just announced they’ll be returning to Columbus, Ohio next year. I found the show to be slightly on the small side, but the smaller scale also gave it a more intimate feel. Many people from the toy industry and content creators were easily accessible to fans and seemed to be more than willing to spend a few minutes chatting. The toy vendors had some great vintage toys as well as recent releases.

I found prices to be more reasonable than some other cons that I’ve attended and it seemed like convention goers were more than willing to spend some cash. Mego and NECA both had booths at the con, though neither were selling product from what I saw. The Four Horsemen on the other hand were selling Mythic Legions by the pallet load. I was able to snag a few good items before they sold out, though if I had to do it all over, I would have gotten in their line as soon as I walked in the door. I missed out on some of the nicer pieces I would have liked to get my hands on. Guess I’ll be heading back down in 2023. Let’s take a look at some of the Mythic Legions that I was able to grab at Power Con.

Legion Builder Reinforcements Goblin and Skeleton

If you can’t tell by the name, Legion Builders are Mythic Legions army builder series. They cost slightly less than the standard release figures and are intended to be assembled en masse. These figures have multiple accessories to provide many different display options and variation amongst your Legion. The Goblin comes with both a masked and unmasked head. The masked head makes him look like he could be an enemy in Shovel Knight. While the Skeleton would have been a lot cooler with an articulated jaw, the Horsemen have made up for it with an excellent armory for the bone heads. The axe can feature one or two blades and the longsword gives me some Power Sword vibes. Legion Builders are a slippery slope that can get very expensive, very fast. Tread with caution. Or don’t and let me see those Legion pics!


When truly gifted magic users are killed and reborn by Necronominus’ hand, their power seeps into their bones staining them with spiritual remnants of their past life. Brimming with foul magic, these cursed skeletons have little control over their power, making them unpredictable time bombs of magical energy. Often thrown into a fight just to lay waste to all who surround them, some learn to master their unstable talents. The most accomplished of these mystical masters is Scaphoid. Chosen to represent Necrominus at The Covenant of Shadow, Scaphoid has been tasked with unleashing his dark power on all present if the proceedings go awry.

What’s not to love about a neon green skeleton with an articulated jaw? Scaphoid comes equipped with a mace, a shield and a dagger and he poses pretty well for an armor-clad figure. If you’re not familiar with Mythic Legions, they feature some of the most beautiful paint apps in the industry. The neon green skeleton is complemented by the royal purple shield. The dagger and mace also feature a green tint when the light catches them just right. This is truly a line that makes you take your time and appreciate the details. I can see why fans of this line are so passionate for the product.

Forest Troll

Trolls. A word that sends shivers down the spine of even the most hardened warrior. Strong enough to take down a giant and mean enough to stomp out anyone that stands in their way, trolls are some of the most destructive creatures in Mythoss.

With origins tracing back to the First Age, Trolls are part of a family of creatures known as the Impure. Distantly related to Goblins, Orcs, and Ogres, they are some of the deadliest creatures that comprise this foul family of beasts.

As if one species of troll wasn’t bad enough, there are more than two dozen types, each littering the landscape of Mythoss with its unique brand of horror. While Ice Trolls can freeze a man with their icy breath, a single scorching blast from a Fire Troll can incinerate an entire village. Rock Trolls are born with an impenetrable flesh and their brutal savagery seems to be inversely proportional to the dullness of their intellect. Camouflage and stealthy cunning are the favorite tools of the wily Forest Troll.

On the battlefield Trolls are often enslaved and utilized by the Legion of Arethyr. Although it is less common, other factions sometimes employ Trolls for more specific and less violent purposes. It is even rumored that Attlus and his House are allied with a large family of heroic Trolls who yearn for peace and properity.

Whatever the type and regardless of their allegiance–if a troll is coming your way, run!

I’ll admit that I bought this purely on impulse and I’m really glad I did. This Forest Troll is big and brooding. He features two different heads which both provide a unique look. He isn’t the most poseable troll on the planet, but it’s about what you’d expect from a creature of this size and scale. He’s got a beautifully painted mace made from a log and to add an additional story element there’s a dent in the business end. His fuzzy loincloth is another nice detail that brings the whole green scaly package together. This is one Forest Troll that I was happy to find on my adventure.

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