Exclusive Cover Reveal: Dark Horse Comics’ ‘Maskerade #3’

Today we’re happy to exclusively reveal the cover to Maskerade #3 from Dark Horse Comics and creators Kevin Smith and Andy McElfresh, and John Sprengelmeyer

About Maskerade: Felicia Dance is hiding in plain sight. The provocative social media star and shock TV sensation has one of the most recognizable faces in the world-so she can’t capture and kill the butchers who murdered her little brother and experimented on Felicia like a lab rat when she was a child. Not unless she looks like someone else. The face of justice is reshaped forever in Maskerade-an exciting new vigilante comic series from writers Kevin Smith and Andy McElfresh and artist John Sprengelmeyer, marking the dynamic debut of Smith’s Secret Stash Press imprint with his very own vigilante! An all new sci-fi crime drama from writer and filmmaker Kevin Smith and screenwriter Andy McElfresh!

Maskerade #3
Kevin Smith and Andy McElfresh
Artist: John Sprengelmeyer
Colorist: Giulia Brusco
Letterer: Andrew Thomas
Variant cover: Ryan Brown 
On sale: 11/16/22

Summary: Every vicious vigilante needs a somewhat sane sidekick. When a mangled Maskerade retreats to her secret lair, the faithful Frisky patches up Felicia while reminiscing about the fateful flower that brought them both together.

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