Read This Book: Uncle Highlander goes to C2E2 – Day One

Whelp, I made it.

I was really worried I would not be able to make this year’s C2E2 conference. Between gas prices, various plagues, and financial destitution, the odds that I’d actually leave my quiet, peaceful abode in Detroit and head out to the big city of Chicago were slim, but somehow I persevered and made it in Thursday night.

The take away? It was well worth the trouble. I haven’t been to C2E2 since 2020 and the world shutting down, and I have to say, this year is bigger and better than I have ever seen. More booths, more comics, more dealers! I’m a few hours in and I’m already broke! But I have many new shiny things so it’s a fair trade!

If you’ve never been to C2E2 be prepared to walk a lot, over long distances, and to see some of the most amazing art and some of the best creators working in comics today. I personally spent 90% of my first day just in Artist Alley and I feel I’ve barely scratched the surface of what they have to offer.

This is what makes a comic conventions so special: it’s one of the few medias that not only have, but actively encourage the creators to interact directly with the fans. Your favourite artists are there, producing art of your favourite characters, and many creators are there, happy to chat with people about their upcoming projects and to hear feedback about their latest works.

I had a particularly great chat with artist Ben Templesmith. If you’ve never had the chance to meet and chat with him I highly encourage it. He’s open and honest with everyone, and always has a kind word, and some great art to share.

There’s also a ton of stuff for all tastes and interests. As a lover of indie comics I was excited to see publishers like Aftershock and Source Point Press had impressive booths full of great trades to check out. As a recent fan of several Mangas I was excited to see a lot of amazing art work, and characters I’m only just beginning to recognize. The long running series One Piece has a particularly big presence, but I’ll have more to say about that after Saturday!

All in all it’s been a great first day, and I can’t wait for day two. I’ve got a lot of neat stuff lined up, and hopefully some better pictures, so until then, Stay Safe!

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