In The Game: 2K’s ‘The Quarry’ Lets You Choose Your Horror

If you’re anything like me, and who know, you just might be, you probaby grew up reading Choose Your Own Adventure and Twistaplot books. I adored them, especially the Twistaplot titles, many of which were written by a pre-Goosebump R.L. Stine.

In these books, you’d get to choose how the story you’re reading would turn out. If you want to explore, turn to page 23. If you want to run, turn to page 48. You remember, I’m sure. The books would have multiple endings, some of which would involve the death of the lead character (that would be you). The idea remains beloved, with Choose Your Own Adventure titles still in print to this day (sadly, the Twistaplots are our of print, so if anybody wants to send me a copy of my favourite, The Video Avenger, get in touch!).

The concepts have made their way into video games, most recently with the exceptional horror game The Quarry from 2K. In it, you play as a group of camp councellors who, on the last night of the summer at Hackett’s Quarry, find themselves facing off with a group of hunters and unknown beasts, determined to kill them off. When you take control of the various counsellors, you determine their decisions and actions, all of which will lead you down various storyline paths. Some characters will live, others will die, and its determined by your actions.

The Quarry is directed by Will Byles, who co-wrote the script with Graham Reznie and Alex Farnham, and features an exceptional cast of well-known actors, including David Arquette, Grace Zabriskie, Lance Henrikson, Ariel Winter, Ted Raimi, Justice Smith, Brenda Song, Halston Sage, and Miles Robbins, all of whome deliver the goods via there video game characters. Whether I was button mashing, timing my moves, or making decisions that would determine people’s fates, I wanted to see what would happen. The writing and acting is all excellent, and kept me engaged through the games roughly 10 hour play time.

The Quarry looks phenomenal on PlayStation 5, as you’d hope, though I will say it was a little too dark at times, even after I’d adjust the game’s brightness. That’s a very small concern though, and it no way takes away from the fun of the story and the fairly gory kills that pop up throughout the story.

Once the I finished The Quarry, my daughter asked me if I would play it again, since there are different twists and turns I didn’t experience. My answer was “yes, some day.” I don’t see myself jumping back into it tomorrow, but like a good horror movie, there’s lots to enjoy in returning to The Quarry, and even more to discover, especially with so many choices still up for grabs.

For horror fans, The Quarry is highly recommended.

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  1. I’m looking forward to this. I think I’m going to try to finish up the Dark Pictures games first (playing through Little Hope right now and really enjoying it).

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