Outrun Collectibles Presents Figure Friday: McFarlane’s Wally West, Transformers Kingdom Rodimus Prime

I’m a lot of things, but a scientist is not one of them. Sure, I know the basics, like, for instance, hot air rises and cold air does not. I’m also not an HVAC technician so I can’t quite explain why, despite my house having central air, the cold air is barely noticeable upstairs where my bedroom and writing desk are. 

It is absolutely sweltering up here. For me, sweating in the bedroom is usually reserved for my night sweats and if I’m playing a particularly tense session of Resident Evil 4 on my Nintendo Switch. So make sure to hydrate because it’s a hot ’n sweaty Figure Friday this week.

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DC Multiverse – The Flash (Wally West)

Now, I’ll tell you this for free… I had pretty much given up on writing about the McFarlane DC Multiverse figures because a lot of the time it was just endless complaining. There’s not much that’s interesting about that especially when the solution was, “well, stop buying them, dumbass.” So I took my own advice and decided that I could do without buying a new Batman figure every other week and bitching about the one thing I found wrong with it.

For the purposes of this article and comedic effect, if the DC Universe were to bestow a power ring upon me it would not be a Green Lantern ring. Because I have next to no willpower, get it?

Way, way back I had declared that I was reserving judgement on the  McFarlane Multiverse line util they dropped their first figure of The Flash. I was more than a little disappointed in the figure due to the head sculpt not being too my liking and the costume sporting some of the DC’s New 52 yellow “speed lines.” Much like Spider-Man’s costume, the OG Flash costume is one of the all-time greats and it doesn’t need much in the way of tweaking. Plus, the wings on The Flash’s mask were comically long and exaggerated. 

Secondly, Wally West is my Flash. Yeah, I grew up with Barry Allen but by the time I was way into collecting The Flash comic, Barry was in the afterlife playing cards with Bucky and Jason Todd, never to return. Ever. While I’ve made as much peace with the fact that no good intellectual property hero stays dead, I am still a bit sore about how dirty they did Wally when he got DiDio’d out of existence a decade-plus ago. 

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before, but Wally West came back as well. He got a nifty new costume, he got to hang out with the Titans again, then for some reason he had to fix the multiverse to find his wife and kids, and finally he became Doctor Manhattan. Comics, yeah?

This figure depicts Wally as he briefly appeared between the time he came back and the time he became Doctor Manhattan (which was the same costume…but blue). It’s also a dead ringer for Brett Booth’s art which is pretty nifty in its own right. 

The figure sports multiple points of articulation along with some lightning effects that attach to the figure’s back, arms, and legs. Generally, I don’t go in for special “energy” effects on figures but despite myself I am feeling these. I’m also not really bothered by the fact that the figure seems to be looking to his left like he just heard a suspicious fart in the distance.

I am speed.

However, I cannot leave this section without taking a shot at the last version of this character that was produced for the final wave for Mattel’s Multiverse line. That figure is very much the “this is the Wally we don’t let out of the basement” version. THAT version was a nightmare with a head sculpt that was inexplicably twice the size it should be, perched upon a plain body that just had the costume details lazily painted on. That figure make the current one look like a damn miracle by comparison.

Mom said I’ll grow into my head and that there’s no way a toothpick could support an orange. Can you tell me what the outside is like again?

Transformers Kingdom Rodimus Prime

I was able to snag a highly discounted Rodimus Prime from the Transformer Kingdom line recently. If memory serves, Kingdom was two waves ago, so this guy was long gone from store shelves. The option to snag one appeared at the last possible moment before it ascended to the unattainable realm of the dreaded secondary market so I poured on it.

Collecting Transformers is a lot like getting drinks with friends you haven’t seen in an age. You set out with the best of intentions to only have “a couple of drinks” and then you wake up the next morning trying to figure out how you spent $200+ dollars on a Metroplex that may not even fit on your coffee table.

I tend to stick with the $20 figures for the sake of my wallet and my sanity. Rodimus Prime, however, is what they’re calling a Commander Class figure. I’m not sure how the classification system works but one thing is means is that they cost EIGHTY DOLLARS. So you understand why I usually steer clear of them.

Anyways, I paid substantially less than that amount and the figure arrived in good working order, but SWEET BASTARD what a pain in the ass to transform from vehicle to robot mode. I had to consult not one, but two YouTube tutorials to make sure I was doing it right. I know folks complain about IKEA directions being obtuse but Transformers directions are on a whole other level. Long story long, there was a tiny, almost imperceptible, tab that was keeping the chest from locking in place but I overcame adversity and now he shall be a robot forevermore.

You’ve got the touch…You’ve got the pow-ahhhhhhh! YEAH!

Despite the fact that you need an engineering degree to transform the damn thing, it actually IS a really good figure and an expensive necessity if you’re trying to complete the character line up from 1986’s Transformers: The Movie.

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