Wade’s World – Multiversus: My Time With The Closed Alpha!

There are many things in life that just work really well together. For example, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Peanut butter is one of my favourite things to eat. Jam, I could take it or leave it, but put them together and it just makes sense. Same goes for Batman and Superman. Batman I am obsessed with, Superman… not so much. But together, they make a pretty interesting pairing (unless you’re Zack Snyder and you struggle to make that work) that’s hard to deny. Now what happens when you shake up this pairing? What if you pull an Elvis and add bananas? Well, that’s Shaggy. Then what happens if you go even past what’s considered normal and you add sriracha? Well, that’s Arya Stark. What if you dunk it in vinegar? Well that’s Jake the Dog and Finn The Human, Tom and Jerry, and Steven Universe. Then what happens when you deep fry it? Well that’s whatever the fuck Reindog is. This analogy has gone completely off the rails.

Multiversus is a game is a platform fighter filled with characters you would never expect to see together, yet… there they are. All on the same character select screen. It’s pretty amazing.


If you’ve somehow managed to go your whole life without playing a platform fighter, I’ll give the basic rundown. Multiversus is a percentage based 2v2 fighter. You can also play 1v1 matches, which is my personal preference, but I’ll go into that a little later. You and your teammate must work together to knock your opponents off of the screen. Everyone starts at 0%. Attacks deal percentage instead of taking away health. The higher percentage the character gets, the more easily they are knocked back. The default setup for Multiversus is first to be knocked out twice is the loser. Now if you’re reading this and thinking to yourself, that just sounds like Super Smash Bros, I don’t blame you. That’s because it DOES sound like Super Smash Bros. However, Multiversus has many differences that allows it to flourish as its own independent experience.

Let’s get into those differences!

As previously mentioned, Multiversus is designed to be a TEAM game. You and one other player can team up and fight against another pair of players looking to take you out. Many characters in this game feel like they were made intentionally to be played in doubles. Not that they don’t do well on their own, but they certainly shine when paired up with another player. I think a major part of what will make this game fun in the future is finding out which pairs of characters work well together. Characters like Wonder Woman, Reindog (the first original character from Multiversus) and Velma are terrific doubles partners. Wonder Woman has her famous lasso that can grab her partner before they get launched off the side of the screen. Reindog can attach his “love leash” to his allies, damage anybody who passes through it. Velma has excellent range. She uses the power of speech to damage enemies from afar and it allows her partner to get into close range to apply pressure. Whereas characters like Shaggy, Harley Quinn and Arya Stark all work really well on their own. Shaggy is very heavily based off of Captain Falcon and Goku. He has many fighting game staples in his kit, and has some heavy hitting moves. Harley Quinn is very fast and utilizes her baseball bat and mallet as her main damage dealers; she also has a ton of really satisfying combos and can get knockouts pretty early if you know what you’re doing. Arya Stark seems to be an early top tier. She has speed, combos, really great specials and a healthy neutral game. Much like any sword based character in Super Smash Bros, she’s already a step above the rest of the cast.

The movement is very satisfying in Multiversus. Each character can jump, air dash, and use specials twice while in the air. That’s a TON of air movement. Most platform fighters don’t give you that freedom. You can do those in any order. To put it in perspective, in Super Smash Bros, most characters have two jumps and can only dodge once in the air and then they fall back to the stage. However, in Multiversus, the movement here is bonkers. Even slow characters be schmovin’. The controls feel very snappy and responsive which is paramount to the success of platform fighters.

I was pretty heartbroken to realize that even though he was present in the trailer, The Iron Giant was not playable in the closed alpha. He was the only character of the alpha’s roster that I was truly excited to play. I wound up really enjoying Harley Quinn and Shaggy. But the only thing holding me back from playing way more of this game is the fact that I don’t have a character I am dying to play. Maybe when I get a hold of The Iron Giant or the rumoured LEBRON JAMES AS DLC, then I’ll jump right in. I want to be the best LeBron James in the world.

I really love Multiversus. I am excited to see where it goes from here. With the seemingly endless chasm of Warner Brothers properties to reach into, you are bound to find a character that will draw you into this game. I dare you to play this game without having a huge smile on your face. Beating the shit out of Bugs Bunny with Batman is a total blast. If all things go well and the game releases in July as planned, I will be there. I cannot wait to get the full Multiversus experience. DROWN ME IN WARNER BROTHERS.

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