From the House of Ideas: Come For Two Caps, Stay For Matti De Iulis’ Gorgeous Art

For some books, two Caps are better than one, as is the case of this past week’s Captain America #0, which finds both Steve Rogers and Sam Williams in their respective Captain America outfits, doing battle with Armin Zola, one of the key villains of Steve Rogers.

In some ways, we’ve seen this story before, or at least it feels as though we have. In the hands of writers Collin Kelly, Jackson Lanzig, and Tochi Onyebuchi, the longtime relationship and camarederie between Sam and Steve is on full display. The longtime friends have an easy back and forth, while their respective abilities in battle here make it clear why both men can easily call themselves Captain America (though I’m sure there’s also some corporate synergy at work as well).

While the story in Captain America #0 is good, what is absolutely excellent is the simply stunning artwork by Mattia De Iulis. I couldn’t have been more impressed looking at all the images on the page; Iulis is working in Alex Ross territory when it comes to giving us characters that feel true to life, and I am absolutely here for it.

Which means, even if you’re not a Captain America fan and don’t have an interest in what comes next for the character(s), I highly recommend picking up Captain America #0 just for the artwork alone. It’s some of the best I’ve seen in any book from any publisher, and has now got me looking to find other stories illustrated by Mattia De Iulis. Once you read this book, I’m pretty sure you’ll agree and wind up doing the same.

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