Lesser Known Comics launches Kickstarter for the third volume of ‘Digital Lizards of Doom’! 

Our friends at Don’t Hide PR sent the new of a new comics Kickstarter that’s launched. Read on!

MAR. 29, 2022, (SEATTLE, WA) — It’s a Fourth-wall-breaking adventure of espionage, secret alliances, betrayal and guitar karate! Lesser Known Comics is proud to announce Digital Lizards of Doom Level 3: Dana Deathly from writer and series creator Gabriel Valentin with art by Ceri Langell (Corrsolla Robot & Love Love Arcadia), is now live on Kickstarter! So strap with some snacks because Digital Lizards of Doom is definitely a wild ride.

A band of unlikely heroes will race towards the doughnut planet of the emerald mermaid in search of a magical weapon that will challenge the other-worldly powers of an ancient pineapple demon, Pineapple Pete! The adventure picks up after the events of levels one and two, where Dizzy Doom has been forced to leave his planet after a devastating attack and must now team up with a zombie ninja Dana Deathly, dryad Shakey Spears, and  cyborg cat pirate, Fat Cat Rogers. 

“To be allowed into the world created by Gabriel Valentin isn’t as easy as saying “let’s go for a ride”. No. It’s more like saying “be ready to jump in when this thing comes sliding sideways towards you with the door half open and the accelerator firewalled.” —Ray Porter, Justice League; Sandman

Level 3 was such a fun adventure to bring to life and Ceri Langell’s artwork pulls the Digital Lizards of Doom universe up to an insanely new height with a crazy cool new villain!” said Gabriel Valentin. “This is a story about loyalty and finding the strength within yourself to overcome your fears. This is Dana Deathly’s first true spotlight moment and we get to see a side of her that we haven’t seen before.”

“We are so stoked to make the third Digital Lizards of Doom graphic novel our first Kickstarter launch of 2022!” said Lesser Known Comics Publisher, Mark Bernal. “Working with Gabe has been amazing. All the other creators love having him on the team and he’s been so supportive of all of our other comic book creators.”

The Digital Lizards of Doom Level 3: Dana Deathly Kickstarter includes a special a “buy one give one” option on behalf pf ComicBooks 4 Kids, to be distributed to over 200 children’s hospitals and cancer centers in the U.S. and U.K.  

Digital Lizards of Doom is a love letter to pop culture and a multimedia experience expressed through graphic novelization and music. Produced by Chance Boren (Transformers: Infiltration, Metal Gear Solid). Digital Lizards of Doom Level 3: Dana Deathly ends Thursday, April 22. For additional press queries, please contact Don’t Hide Publicity Director, Melissa Meszaros: melissa@donthidepr.com.

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