In The Game: Going in Blind With “Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction”

I’ve never read a Tom Clancy novel or played a video game with his name attached to it, so I was heading into Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Extraction on PlayStation 5 as blind as one can be. That probably wasn’t a great thing, as my initial reaction to the title was pretty much as a shrug of the shoulders.

The elite Operators of Rainbow Six are now united to face a common enemy: a highly lethal alien threat known as the Archaeans. 

No incursion is the same in this robust and highly replayable 3-player tactical co-op first-person shooter. Greater rewards can be found the further you infiltrate the containment zone – but there’s higher risk too. You’ll have to make it out alive to claim your loot. 

Knowledge, cooperation and a tactical approach are your best weapons against this deadly threat.

Off the top I was immediately engaged with the cut scene that introduces Rainbow Six Extraction; with panicked people and the destruction of the Statue of Liberty, it’s like something right out of a Rolland Emmerich film. However, once I got into the first person gameplay, the game just couldn’t sustain my interest for very long. The gameplay wasn’t particularly intuitive and the graphics were excessively dark for my tastes, even when I increased the brightness.

I decided to read around a bit on the ’net to see what other players with more familiarity with the Rainbow Six franchise thought of the title, and I saw that a writer at The Washington Post really enjoyed it. On that note, my guess is if you’ve played Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six games before, you’ll likely enjoy Rainbow Six Extraction for what it is. If you haven’t, though, this is probably not the title to jump in with.

You can purchase the game digitally from the PlayStation store now.

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