Biff Bam Pop!’s Holiday Gift Guide 2021: The BBP Princess Looks at “Spiritfarer” and “Big Brain Academy: Brain vs Brain” for the Nintendo Switch

Welcome to another Holiday Gift Guide entry with the Biff Bam Pop! Princess. We’ve got a bunch of games to recommend for the Nintendo Switch fan in your life. So let’s get started!


BBP Princess: Hi, it’s me! Spiritfarer game is basically where you are the main character Stella. She has a boat that has spirits of her friends and family living with her. They help Stella build new things like rooms, fields, and gardens.

Andy Burns: Wait a minute? On the boat this happens?

BBP Princess: Yeah, they’re different rooms on the boat. After a while spirits will ask you to make them their own rooms, except that some of the materials are very hard to find.

Andy Burns: You keep telling me how much you like Spiritfarer. What is it about this game?

BBP Princess: I like the animation style. It’s like, think old Disney movies. When you’re on the curved roofs on your boat that you can slide off of them, like that old Aladdin game is what you said.

Andy Burns: Yes, I saw that and it reminded of the old SEGA Genesis game. Tell me, what’s the ultimate goal of Spiritfarer

BBP Princess: You have to help your spirit friends have a good time before they finally turn into constellations.

Andy Burns: That sounds really unique. What game would you compare it to?

BBP Princess: I’d compare Spiritfarer to nothing! It’s completely unlike anything I’ve ever played before. It’s its own game and that’s why I like it.

You can order Spiritfarer here.

Big Brain Academy: Brain vs Brain

Andy Burns: Now, let’s talk about the other new game you’ve been playing.

BBP Princess: Big Brain Academy: Brain vs Brain! There was a Big Brain Academy for the Wii that my friend played, but this Switch is the first version I’ve ever played.

Andy Burns: I’ve seen some commercials, but tell me what this game is about?

BBP Princesss: It’s a brain-testing game. You can compete with local play or Nintendo Switch Online or with AI. I always play AI, for one thing, because other human beings would be too hard for me.

Andy Burns: Oh, well, tell me about the games, and what actually happens.

BBP Princess: You test your brain with different mini-games. There are memory games, speed games, and more. I like how funny the character animations are when you win or lose a game. It’s like 2D Animal Crossing-style, but the characters don’t have arms but they do have the little hands that Animal Crossing characters do have.

Andy Burns: Who do you think would like to get Big Brain Academy: Brain vs Brain for a present?

BBP Princess: People who like testing their brain power and their memories, I’d say. This is a game that parents and kids could play together, so if you’re a kid that’s reading, get your parent to buy this game for another parent. And if you’re an adult and want to play video games with your kids, I’d say this would be a good one to get.

You can order Big Brain Academy here.

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