31 Days of Horror Presents From the House of Ideas: Halloween Picks for Marvel Zombies

We’ll get back to our regular look at new Marvel books next week, but seeing as we’re just days away from Halloween, I wanted to finish off the month with some recommended reading that come at a good price.

So how can you celebrate the season if you’re a Marvel Zombie? Well, for starters you could check out comiXology’s big Marvel Halloween sale, and grab all the Marvel Zombies collection for your reading pleasure. I did that a few months ago, having read them in their physical formats years ago and I’m happy to say they still hold up. In fact, I didn’t recall them being as graphic as they actually are, and I recommended the books to my friend to give his five year old son. Luckily, he refrained from doing so.

The sale also features the ongoing Tomb of Dracula collections that have been released digitally over the years. Originally published during the 1970s, this series originated with writer Marv Wolfman and artist Gene Colan, who did some of their best work together on this title. Mixing classic horror with Marvel characters can definitely be a dicey prospect, but Wolfman and Colan wound up making last and important contributions to the regular universe with the introduction of the legendary daywalker Blade. Colan was a master horror artist, with his use of shadow being virtually unparalleled in the business, and Tomb of Dracula is an excellent place to become acquainted with his work

Also included in the sale are a couple of classic Morbius Epic Collections, which take us back to earliest stories to feature the Living Vampire. The price is right and you’ll get some Spider-Man appearances to boot. For anyone unfamiliar with the character going into the upcoming film starring Jared Leto (which is currently set for release on January 22, 2022), the Morbius Epic Collections are absolutely the best place to start to get a taste of who he is.

There are other books on sale right now, including three Werewolf By Night collections, a Monster of Frankenstein Epic Collection that includes an interesting take on Mary Shelley’s beloved tale, along with Jason Aaron’s recent Avengers tale, War of the Vampires.

So, whether you’re taking the kids trick or treating or curling up on Halloween and listening to the children of the night, what music they make, you definitely have some great books to keep you company.

Happy Halloween!

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