Gilbert Speaks on T+E’s Encounter: UFO

Do you believe there is intelligent life out there in the vast universe? Do you believe that these alien lifeforms have the capability of space travel? Do you believe that we have been visited by aliens? Have you ever seen an alien spacecraft, or had encounters with alien lifeforms? These are the questions offered in T+E’s series, Encounter UFO.


T+E has a series coming out on August 10 called Encounter: UFO. Each episode follows three shocking eyewitness accounts of supernatural encounters which are backed by audio and visual evidence of UFO’s. Experts and eyewitnesses have been consulted during the making of the series.

In fact, T&E did a national survey that revealed that one in ten Canadians claim to have seen an unidentified flying object. According to the survey results, close encounters seem more likely to take place in the prairies of Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

Acclaimed Canadian science writer, Chris Rutkowski, a ufologist and expert contributor to the new series said that the survey results are in line with his own research. There are close to 1,000 sightings reported in Canada every year. Encounter UFO is produced by Saloon Media, a Blue Ant Studios Company. Brian Rice is the director and series producer.


The episode that I got to review was E103: Abductions. In this episode, we hear from three witnesses who were abducted: Helen Moon, Erin Montgomery, and Terrell Copeland. Each person tells of their abduction and what happened after they were taken onto the alien spacecraft.

Helen Moon and her family live in the UK. Back in 1980, she and her family were heading to Scotland for a vacation when they spotted a triangular craft hovering above their car. They were terrified, especially after a bright light engulfed the car. The next thing they remember is arriving at their destination six hours later with no memory of what happened during those six hours. Helen’s face had been burnt by the ship’s bright light, and she had to have multiple surgeries for skin cancer. Her story is most compelling.

Erin Montgomery was not only abducted as a child, but again as an adult. With the help of hypnosis, she remembered what was done to her by the aliens. She awoke with marks and cuts all over her body. She finally realized that the aliens are harvesting fetuses.

Terrell Copeland was also abducted, but he was able to get video documentation of the UFO.  With many abductions, the people who had been abducted sometimes suffer from radiation sickness. Can you imagine being abducted by alien lifeforms, and your own government denies the possibility of UFO’s.


I don’t know why the government is keeping a lid on these UFO sightings. I think people should know what is going on, especially since the military has encountered many near collisions with alien spacecraft. But this is about to change with the recent information coming out.

One person who is adamant that the truth get out is Former US Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid. In 2007, Reid joined colleagues Ted Stevens, and Daniel Inouye to invest 22 million in a clandestine Pentagon operation called The Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP). I will leave the link here for you to read.

Are the aliens dangerous? I don’t think so, because they are advanced enough to wipe us out, but why are they harvesting fetuses? Maybe they realize that we are self-destructive, especially since we can’t get our act together to wipe out Covid 19, and we won’t work together to stop climate change. Maybe harvesting human fetuses is the only way to save our sorry asses.

The series is a must watch especially if you are interested in learning more about UFO’s.

The world broadcast premiere of Encounter: UFO airs Tuesday, August 10 at 9 p.m. ET/PT, exclusively on T+E.

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