From the House of Ideas: X-Factor #10 Ends the Series on a High Note

Who doesn’t love a good who dun it? Except maybe the person that dun it, right?

Of the course of its ten issue run, the new X-Factor has focused on solving mutant murders; before resurrection can take place, those mutants thought dead need to be confirmed. It made for some fun issues, ones that were arguably lighter fare than many of the other X-books that have come out of the new Jonathan Hickman-led initiative.

Issue #10, released last week, is the final in the current X-Factor run, and kudos to writer Leah Williams and artist/co-plotter David Baldeón managed to wrap up any lose ends they’d introduced throughout the series’ run. We find out who killed Prodigy (the mutant who had been investigating his own death); we say farewell to a core teammate who is off to join the new X-Men line-up, and we also get a look at some Eyeboy powers we hadn’t seen before. Finally, the issue and the series goes out with a proverbial bang, as it’s final panels sets up the next big X-crossover.

In my last column I talked about how great it was to see Marvel put representation at the forefront with their ongoing Voices books; X-Factor has made queer representation a core part of its own storytelling, and it’s done a wonderful job at that. Part of me is disappointed to see the series end after just ten issues, while another part is glad to see the series not drag on. It had stories to tell and they were told well. Leah Williams has been a key part of the new House of X and I’m sure her sensibilities will be featured in other books shortly.

Up next, the Trial of Magneto, which if it’s as good as Uncanny X-Men #200 from nearly forty years ago, than we’re in for a treat.

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