Figure Friday: Peter B. Parker, Halloween III: Season of the Witch Witch Board

It’s Figure Friday, time for all the new toy releases that are fit to print! Let’s see what cool, bank-breaking stuff is available for preorder now!

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse SV Action Peter B. Parker by Sentinel

First off, I feel like I’m over due for a rewatch of Spider-Verse the OSCAR WINNING Spider-Man film. It’s been a spell and it’s arguably the greatest Spider-Man film OF ALL TIME.

I would have to look at past toy releases to be sure but I seem to recall a distinct lack of Spider-Verse toys released to coincide with the movie. I’m not saying there weren’t any but the Marvel Legends line that was released recently along with a myriad of offerings from other companies have definitely ramped up in the intervening years.

Which brings us to this Peter B. Parker release from Sentinel. I’m not too terribly familiar with this company but the figure appears to be of the Figuarts or Mafex style in that it’s super poseable and comes with a plethora of alternate heads, hands, and other accessories. And this is just the standard version.

The figure is scheduled to arrive in October of this year and I will fully admit that I’m totally tempted to put in a preorder to get one. I mean it even comes with the interchangeable head that sounds like Chris Pine!*

*Note action figure does not actually talk

Halloween III: Season of the Witch Witch Board by Trick or Treat Studios

Love it or hate it, the march of time is inescapable, summer will be over before you know it, and then comes the cold and dark bleakness of winter. But between the two we’re lucky enough to get one of the best holidays…Halloween.

This year I hope that things are “normal” enough for me to engage in some of my favorite Halloween traditions without the added danger of worrying I’ve contracted the plague and will unintentionally kill my whole family.

From roughly the beginning of September all the way through the end of October I’ll gather with friends to watch horror films and one that has FINALLY gained some much needed respect over the last decade or so is Halloween III: Season of the Witch or “the one without Michael Meyers”, as most people know it. After the first two Halloween movies, the intent was to spin the franchise off into a kind of anthology series. Long story short, Michael Meyers proved to be a tough act to follow and the fourth film brought him back or something.

With Season of the Witch finally getting its due, there have been all sort of tie-in products released recently and this witch board is a fine addition to any collection. Now, this item has nothing really to do with the movie, there wasn’t a witch board subplot that I’m aware of but it’s designed to appear like it it was manufactured by the eeeeevil Silver Shamrock company and that’s pretty damn cool.

Here’s the product description:

Trick or Treat Studios and Universal Studios are proud to present the Official Halloween III: Season of the Witch Witch Board!

The Official Halloween III: Season of the Witch Witch Board is the best joke ever – a joke on the children! Developed and packaged as is if produced by the Silver Shamrock company that infamous Halloween. Includes glow in the dark board and planchette in a themed collectors box. 

So order your Official Halloween III: Season of the Witch Witch Board and talk to the spirits of Samhain!

Best of all, it glows in the dark which I am an absolute sucker for. You can preorder now for an expected October release.

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  1. I absolutely love Halloween III. The concept of religious people reclaiming their holiday is so cool.

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