Biff Bam Pop Kids! Presents In The Game: ‘DC Super Hero Girls: Teen Power’ is a Fun Take on Classic Characters

The one the Biff Bam Pop Princess doesn’t like is when cartoons change the way that they look, especially when it comes to DC Super Hero Girls.

”I like the new animation,” they tell me. “But I don’t like the new art style.”

So colour us both surprised that the BBP Princess thinks that the new Nintendo Switch game, DC Super Hero Girls: Teen Power is actually really good.

Created specifically for the Switch, this new titles incorporates the series’ beloved characters including Harley Quinn, Batgirl, Supergirl, Green Lantern, Bubblebee, Zatanna and many more in adventure game that lets you play as multiple characters. I asked my DC Super Hero Girls expert what they like about the new game.

”I like how the game includes voices,” they explain. “And the ability to go wherever you want, even while you still have objectives.”

I asked who is fun to play as and got this immediate answer:

“Batgirl!” The BBP Princess exclaimed. “Because I like her and because she’s good at bouncing and has nice sweaters.”

“What’s the combat like in this game?” I asked.

”It’s good. Think Super Mario Odyssey and Legend of Zelda: Breathe of the Wild, but in a more cartoony style with DC Super Hero Girls characters.”

That sounded pretty good to me, and in fact, the BBP Princess enjoyed the game so much that I wound up playing it myself, and was impressed with just how good it looks and how easy I found it to simply pick up and play. I asked my colleague if they ran into any challenges while playing.

”I found Supergirl’s controls a little tough to figure out at first,” I was told. “But it didn’t take me too long to figure out.”

So, I asked before they went back to their Nintendo Switch and the game (not to mention also playing Minecraft, which has become a sudden obsession here as well), what is the best part about DC Super Hero Girls: Teen Power and should DC fans pick it up.

”Harley Quinn, because she’s funny in the gamer. She talks to Batgirl about what’s happening in Gotham City and Batgirl’s responses are always hilarious.”

And, I posed, should DC fans pick up the game?

”Yes! It’s awesome. Anyone can play it really!”

And like that, the BBP Princess was off, running back to Gotham while I finished typing up this story.

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