From the House of Ideas: The Hellfire Gala Begins

I don’t know about you, but now that I’m all vaxed up (Moderna for the win), I wouldn’t mind getting out and going to a party, and I don’t even like parties. I mean, it would depend on who’s having the party, how many people would be there, what they’d be serving, and how early it starts.

Ok, maybe I won’t be heading out to any parties any time soon. You know what, though? I don’t have to, because the fine folks at Marvel are bringing the party to me, thanks to the Hellfire Gala event that’s running all summer long through the X-books.

Things kicked off this past week with three solid stories throughout Hellions #12, X-Force #20, and Marauders #20, all of them distinct while also demonstrating the uniformity of the event. Breaking things a bit:

Hellions #12 finds our gathered group of undesireables crashing the party that most of them weren’t invited to; its a fairly light issue that does advance some underlying storylines, including Havok’s desire to have Madelyne Pryor resurrected. The moment only last a few quick panels, but it’s easy to see that Havok hasn’t forgotten about this particular issue.

X-Force #20 finds the team acting as security for the event, which makes sense because of the movers and shakers from the outside world making their way to the Krakoa. There’s some entertaining interaction between Quentin Quire and Iron Man that carries over from Marauders #12, which is an excellent example of how closely the writers are working together on this event. You can read either issue without the other and still enjoy the moment, but there’s something special when you can experience the entire moment from all angles.

Finally, Marauders #20 focuses the hostess with the mostess, Emma Frost, as she mingles with all the visiting dignitaries, managing expectations while representing the Hellfire Trading Company. The issue also demonstrates how the event is bringing mutants together. Think about this – a few issues ago, Sebastien Shaw managed to have Kate Pryde killed, but the very beginning of the book finds Kate, Shaw, and Emma all standing together awaiting for the world to descend on Krakoa.

Again, all three books can work on their own, but when taken as a whole the reader just gets deeper involvement with the books. I’m looking forward to the entire Hellfire Gala event, which feels more organic and exciting than the last X-event, X of Swords. Be sure to keep your eyes open for all the famous partygoers as well, from mainstream celebs to comic creators.

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