Heroes & Villains: Source Point Press’ ‘Darling’ + M83

I’m updating my mood to “cautiously optimistic” this week after having received my second vaccine dose. In brief, DADDY’S ALL VAXXED UP AND READY TO FREAK.


If, for some reason, you’re on the fence about getting the vaccine and it’s readily accessible to you then I implore you to get it. The couple day hangover I got from it is preferable to getting sick and, you know, DYING. You’re also doing this not just for yourself but for the greater good. I spent the last year worrying that I was asymptomatic and somehow brought the plague down upon my parents. We have a good relationship so I wouldn’t be cool with inadvertently causing their deaths.

Soon I will be able to return to comic cons and give all my favorite creators damp handshakes. Just the way Stan Lee had intended when he created comics back in the 1960’s.


Michael Fleizach & Todd Hunt (W)
Dave Mims (A/C)
Source Point Press

It’s always a unique pleasure whenever something from Don’t Hide PR and/or Source Point Press graces my inbox. My pleasure AND fun has since been doubled this time around since I’ve got an upcoming book to write about called Darling.

Here’s the blurb:

With all of New York City enveloped in the zeitgeist of a missing 8-year-old girl, lovable anti-hero Francis Darling accidentally stumbles onto the machinations behind her kidnapping and the drug war that ensues.

…but has he really?

A bit like chasing the Mad Hatter through a toxic chemical cloud, Francis’ inconceivable journey brings us uncomfortably close to NYC’s most crooked…most deviant…most irredeemable characters; the kind that can only be extricated from the drug-addled, guilty conscience of a failing brain.

Few things are grosser than NYC in the 1980s except for maybe NYC in the 70s…or NYC now and Darling perfectly captures the grime of the era before Times Square was cleaned up. It’s also a somewhat uncomfortable look at the realities of addiction that some people were facing at the time. Admittedly, it something I get squeamish about and it’s not something that Darling shies away from but it mercifully steers clear of Requiem For A Dream territory. So far…this is just the first issue.

Darling also has a few fantastic flourishes in both the art and dialog department that set it apart from similar tales. Yes, there’s the grime but the book also floats along at its own pace while getting you acclimated to Francis’ world. As the synopsis above mentions the protagonist does indeed stumble into things and that seems to be very on brand for him. It’s an impressive feat that, as a reader, you can know a character so well in the space of a handful of pages.

Darling is set to come out from Source Point Press on June 30th and it’s well worth your time to check it out.

He’s Hip, He’s Cool, He’s 42-ish

Nothing is more life affirming than a kid telling you you’re cool. Or at the very least, that you’re into something that’s cool.

Post vaccine, I decided to get out of the house and stretch my legs a bit. My legs which were inexplicably achy the day after my shot. My symptoms, I feel, were mild insomuch that I felt hungover for a couple days with out the benefit of having a good time the night before. I opted for some ibuprofen and a walk in one of the hipper neighborhoods near me on a sunny Sunday afternoon.

While I was out and about I decided to go record shopping in true hipster fashion and filled in some gaps in my library. After I had selected a couple of records from M83 I was waiting to check out when from over my shoulder I heard, “Is that an M83 record? That’s so cool, they’re my favorite.”

A teen, an actual child, saw fit to complement my musical selection which just catapulted my self-esteem into the stratosphere. It also made me feel significantly less crotchety that KIDS TODAY are listening to some goddamn good music. After a polite conversation in which I refrained from describing the band’s most recent effort as “lit” I continued on with my purchase, secure in the knowledge that I haven’t completely lapsed into irrelevance just yet.

But my birthday is coming up quick. That’s not so dank.

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