Figure Friday: The Prisoner Retro Style Action Figures, John Walker

It’s Figure Friday time! Time to take action figure recommendations from a guy who thinks modern toys peaked with the hoop & stick. This week I am conflicted. Well, more so than usual and I’ll need you, the reader, to sway my opinion. Read on!

The Prisoner Retro Style Action Figures
Wandering Planet Toys

Now it seems like I was just extolling the virtues of retro style toys for collectors of a certain age, such as myself, and lo and behold…THIS.

BBP! is absolutely filthy with fans of the cult 60’s TV show The Prisoner to the point where one of us has a tattoo. But WHICH ONE? For those of you unfamiliar with the show…go and fix that. I’m pretty sure it’s widely available on most streaming platforms. Just don’t watch the 2009 remake…the irony that the star of that one is now a conspiracy theorist is not lost on me.

In brief, a retired secret agent(man) is taken to a weird village that he cannot escape from until his captors have extracted whatever secret information he holds in his mind. As a viewer, you’re never let in on what exactly the secret is or even the protagonist’s actual name. He is instead referred to throughout as Number 6. All other residents of The Village are referred to only as numbers and each episode has Number 6 matching wits with Number 2 who is seemingly in charge. Number 1 is never reveled until…well, go watch the damn show.

Now, The Prisoner is back…in toy form!

Wandering Planet Toys has just launched (and funded!) a Kickstarter to produce a run of retro style action figures and I’m pretty geeked about it. There hasn’t been an abundance of Prisoner merchandise (understandable for a 54 year old show) aside from a recent comic I covered in my early days of writing for this site and it’s WELL past time for something like this. To echo my previous thoughts on the retro styling craze, a show like The Prisoner lends itself to a toy like this. It’s an objet d’art that will look great on the IKEA bookshelf you just built. Perhaps I’m projecting.

The only issue I’m having is I’m not sure WHICH figure to choose. Number 6 with badge or without? Number 6 as seen in the episode “Arrival”? Number 6 in Rover packaging? There’s the option to get ALL of them but if the EiC of this site won’t commit to that, then neither will I. (Editor’s Note: He’s right, I won’t, but I DID commit to Rover!)

Go ahead and leave a comment below or get at me on my socials @eahenson and tell me how to spend my money!

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier S.H. Figuarts Captain America (John Walker)

Finally, the action figure you LOVE to HATE can be yours! I’ll refrain from irresponsibly speculating about the finale of the show which will already be hours old by the time this column goes live. Instead I’ll heap some praise Wyatt Russell’s way for creating a character that viewers largely seem to despise.

Even though he only held the title of Captain America for, what, a week? A month? He still managed to make enough of an impression to get his own figure. One with a cool shield “bounce” effect too, along with the various interchangeable heads and hands that are expected of a Figuarts offering.

What remains to be see is if this will be John Walker’s final form. Obviously, fans of the comics know that he becomes US Agent and gets a cool, black version of Cap’s costume that’s had some pretty decent variations over the last 30 years or so along with some shields that were…less cool.

The figure is available for preorder now and I expect that we’re going to see at least one more Figuarts offering from this show, possibly before the next installment of this column!

Be seeing you.

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