Gilbert Speaks On Netflix’s ‘The One’

Are you searching for your true love, or are you already married, and wondering if you’ve made a huge mistake? Then I have the perfect series for you to watch. Why depend on the stress of dating and dating sites when a simple DNA test could do the foot work for you. This is the premise of the Netflix hit series, The One.


The One, created by Howard Overman, and directed by Jeremy Lovering, is based on the John Marrs novel of the same name. The series deals with the premise that with the use of DNA, ant pheromones, and a global computer data system…it is possible to match everyone with their perfect mate. The series stars Hannah Ware, Dimitri Leonidas, Zoe Tapper Lois Chimimba, Eric Kofi-Abrefa, Jana Perez, and Diarmaid Murtagh.

The One follows CEO and founder Rebecca Webb (Hannah Ware) as she gives a TED Talk on the benefits of using DNA to find your true love. Rebecca tells the online viewers, and the audience in the studio that she herself has used the system to find her true love, Ethan (Wilf Scolding). While Rebecca is giving this speech, a body is found at the bottom of the Thames river. Ben Avers, who was Rebecca’s former roommate and lover, has been missing for over a year.

Even though Rebecca’s matchmaking company is very successful, she has made enemies. Her business partners want her out, and Rebecca’s former partner, James (Dimitri Leonidas) who helped developed the science behind Match DNA, is now looking to blackmail Rebecca. When the discovery of Ben Naser’s (Amir El-Masry) body is discovered, we learn that Rebecca is hiding many secrets, especially when a no-nonsense police detective Kate Saunders (Zoe Tapper) doggedly delves into Rebecca’s past.

Hannah and Mark

While the series focuses on Rebecca’s many dark secrets, it also hints at the destruction caused by Match DNA. Hundreds of thousands of marriages have broken up across the globe after couples have submitted their genetic samples. People are deciding to leave their families, even if they are in happy marriages, because they desire to be with a genetic match.

The One CR: Netflix

We get to see close up how destructive this matching game is after Hannah Baily (Lois Chimimba) secretly sends in a DNA sample of her husband, Mark (Eric Kofi-Abrefa). Hannah is devastated that she isn’t Mark’s genetic match and sets out to befriend the woman who is. Why Hannah would even want Mark to meet Megan (Pallavi Sharda) makes no sense, but she does, and with the expected disastrous results.


Hannah Ware plays her Rebecca character as a cross between Audrey Hepburn and the Terminator. Rebecca is a touch of class with a soul of an assassin. Even though she passes off Ethan as her genetic match, her true match is Matheus Silva (Albano Jeronimo). After stealing the data from Ben, Rebecca was the first experiment. Neither Matheus or his drug addict younger brother Fabio (Miguel Amorim) are aware of Match DNA until they come looking for Rebecca.

The One CR: Netflix

The One is a fast moving and interesting series. I found myself binge watching just to keep up with Rebecca’s crimes. She can’t be trusted, and she is too much to handle even for her hired thug, Connor (Diarmaid Murtagh). The best part of the series is watching the cat and mouse game between Rebecca and Detective Kate Saunders. Rebecca might be smart, but Kate knows that Rebecca is somehow involved in Ben’s death.

The One ended with us anxious to find out what happens to Hannah and Mark, but the good news is the series is rumored to have a second season set up, and I can’t wait to watch it on Netflix.

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