Holiday Gift Guide 2020: Gift Cards & Last Minute Purchases

You’ve waited until the last possible moment to get a gift for that certain someone. Or, you have no idea what to get them. And either they are on their way to your home tonight (Christmas Eve) or tomorrow (Christmas Day) or you’re on your way to their residence.

Look, I know. This has been a wacky year. Truly, the darkest of timelines: protests, protested elections, job losses, lack of good sports on the television, delayed films, supply chain issues, stores and restaurants closed, waiting lists for public skating. A damn global pandemic!

And, you know, that innate trait of procrastination.

Fear not. There is light beyond yonder shopper line ups. And that light is the light that giveth by the gift card!

The Drug/Pharmacy Store Gift Card

No matter where you live, no matter what day it is, no matter the time, there’s a drug store near you that is open. And said drug will offer a variety of gift cards to all sorts of businesses and other retail delights including restaurants, video game platforms, clothing stores, liquor stores, and, of course, themselves.  

Drug stores are essential places of business. That’s why even deep into an historic pandemic, there isn’t a chance of one of them closing shop. They, and the goods they carry, are too necessary. And that’s why we put them on the top of this particular list.

If you only have time to read one paragraph and then head out the door in a frantic holiday gift search, thank your lucky stores you got to the end of this paragraph. Drug stores have it all. Your local will be open. Go there. Now.

Then breathe.

The Big Box Retailer Gift Card

Pretty much all year long I’ve been reading articles stating that the business of home renovation is having a bumper crop year. With fewer people taking destination vacations this year, and next year looking just as likely to be more of the same, more people are turning their homes into the oasis they need it to be. Whether it’s a backyard pool and corresponding patio set, new built-in barbeque area, new basement sauna and recreation room, electric snowblower to power through the coming white stuff, new entertainment centre, new bathroom and bathtub complete with jacuzzi jets, or a new bed to rest a weary head, the big box retailers have something for everyone.

From Home Depot, to Costco, to Walmart, to Best Buy to everything else in-between or just outside those four big names, a gift card here will go a long way for the person you need to buy a gift card for. And that card, believe me, will come to be gladly used. And soon.

Your Favoutite Store’s Gift Certificate

If they’re not open with regular hours, your local favoutire store (maybe it’s a comic book shop!) should be able to offer their own gift cards and/or gift certificates via appointment, email or curb-side pick-up.

Here’s the great thing about this idea: not only are you gifting someone a thoughtful form of money that they can use on whatever they like in a particular store, but also you’re gifting a small part of your own personality and interest at the same time. This is not just any place. No. This is your favourite store or restaurant or shop. You are selflessly giving of yourself here.

Plus, you’re also helping a local establishment at a time when small, sole-proprietor owned shops could use all the help they can get.

This is really a quick win-win-win kind of gift. And one you should give the gift of winning today.

Neptune’s New Natural, Plant-Based Hand Sanitizers to Launch in Club Store Channel (CNW Group/Neptune Wellness Solutions Inc.)

Bonus: The 2021 Pandemic Package

Remember the talk at the beginning of this year when those in the know thought the whole COVID-19 pandemic would probably be over by June? No one said they meant June 2021. Maybe.

No, this thing that hangs over us all will stick around for a long time to come, regardless of a vaccine. And like the last eleven months, there will be more ups and there will be more downs. And there will be restrictions of various extremes in the days, weeks and months to come.

So how about a gift that keeps on giving though this pandemic and long afterwards? You’ll need to source it, of course, but a good start would be at the previously mentioned drug /pharmacy store. And the aisles you’d frequent would include:

  • Hand sanitizer
  • Disinfectant wipes
  • Soap
  • Toilette paper and paper towers

Add an infrared touchless thermometer and oximter, because your body temperature and blood oxygen levels are good to know at any time, not just during a pandemic.

Some companies have made a big business out of products like these and many of them have been fly-by-nighters. Go to those you can trust that have fascinating consumer-centric iterations on their products, like Neptune Wellness Solutions if not your local drug store.

Whatever the reason, this list of ideas should have you covered in the last few moments of shopping that you have for that particular someone in your life.

Now, good luck, get out there, and be kind to others in the line-up! We’re all in this together!

Happy holidays from all of us here at Biff Bam Pop!

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