Gilbert Speaks On Amazon Prime’s Truth Seekers

I have been seeing the dead since childhood, so I love to review series and films that have anything to do with our dearly departed. I recently binged watched Truth Seekers on Amazon. Did it meet the standards of a true ghost investigator? Grab hold of your ghost investigation equipment and find out.

Be warned – there will be some spoilers


Truth Seekers is an Amazon original eight-episode series, which was created and co-written by the fabulous Nick Frost and Simon Pegg. These two actors also worked together in Spaced, a British series, as well as starring together in Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, and The World’s End. Frost plays the part of Gus, a broadband installer who does a bit of paranormal investigation while on the job. He is a widower who lives with his father-in-law, Richard, (Malcolm McDowell) a cantankerous old man who enjoys driving Gus crazy.

When not working at SMYLE, Britain’s biggest mobile and internet service provider, Gus works on locating a strange message that he has been receiving on his radio. It is always the same message. When Gus’s boss, Dave (Simon Pegg) forces Gus to work with a new partner named Elton John (Samson Kayo) Gus is not at all happy. How will he explain his paranormal activities to his partner? What Gus doesn’t know is that Elton has his own dark secret, which comes out later in the series.

Gus’s fascination with the paranormal began with the loss of his wife, but his ghost investigation doesn’t actually take off until he and Elton take their first job together after Elton stumbles into a secret room of a lonely woman living at Connelly’s Nook. Gus is forced to admit that Elton has brought a certain element to the partnership. When Elton and Gus are sent to fix the Portland Beacon that has been playing havoc with the hotel’s communications, the storyline really takes on speed because they find a secret bunker under the hotel…and…the source of the signal that Gus has been trying to locate for years.

By episode three, we get to meet Astrid, (Emma D’Arcy). Astrid needs help. She is being chased by some nasty spirits. After Gus and Elton agree to help, a romantic relationship develops between Elton and Astrid. Gus realizes that Elton is responsible for the increase in paranormal events. Elton is a ghost magnet. He attracts spirits.

We get to meet Elton’s sister, Helen (Susie Wokoma), who has a bad case of agoraphobia. It has to do with Elton’s secret. Helen is a wiz at live streaming on YouTube and she comes out of her shell when she is asked to help livestream Gus and Elton’s ghost investigations.

Dr. Toynbee

The series goes from comedic to scary when Gus takes Richard and the others to the Coventry Collectibles and Cosplay Convention to hear Dr. Peter Toynbee (Julian Barratt) speak. Helen hopes to enter the costume contest with her Dalek costume. Through some bad luck, Gus is locked out of the conference, but Richard unfortunately gets to hear Toynbee speak and that is when this series goes from ghost hunting to an X-Files type of conspiracy that reveals Toynbee’s plans to bring about the apocalypse.


I really enjoyed this series because of its perfect blend of comedy and horror. The spirits are haunting, especially the burning woman. As a psychic/medium who has done her share of investigations, I wanted to touch on Elton’s ability to attract spirits. There are some people, who I compare to a lighthouse beacon. Their ability to connect with the other side is strong. The dead can see these gifted people…their light…and feel comfortable interacting with them. My team are all ghost magnets. When we are together, our light is very powerful, and we attract many spirits…They come to tell us their stories.

I highly recommend you watching Truth Seekers for both the comedy and the horror. Learning Elton’s and Astrid’s secrets is a shocker. I hope there is a second season because there are a few loose ends that need to be tied…and a new voice on Gus’s radio station. Watch the series on Amazon, and…remember…ghosts do exist.

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