Hellions, New Mutants, and Cable Put Character Development At Their Core

Last week I talked about the X of Swords crossover running through all the current X-Men books and my own hesitancy with the series as whole. It’s largely fantasy based (in my opinion, at least), and fantasy has never really been my thing in comics. However, just days after sharing that thought (along with a rave for Marauders #13) came three issues of X of Swords that I thought were exceptionally well-done.

The most recent issues of Hellions (#5), New Mutants (#13), and Cable (#5) are all closely knit stories that expand the overarching storyline. In Hellions, Mister Sinister and his group head out on a mission that may preempt the competition between the champions of Arakko and Krakoa. New Mutants finds Magik training one of Krakoa’s champions, Cypher, who, as X-fans know, has never been much of a warrior. Finally, in Cable, Nathan, Cyclops, and Marvel Girl travel to the peak where they’re surprised by a trap designed to take them out of the game.

I really enjoyed these issues – perhaps it was reading them in rapid succession that did it, but I’d also suggest that the more you like specific characters, the more you’ll be engaged with X of Swords. In the case of these three issues, the creative teams of Gerry Duggan/Phil Noto (Cable), Ed Brisson/Rod Reis (New Mutants), and Zeb Wells/Carmen Carnero (Hellions) fire on all cylinders in their books, delivering action while advancing the main story AND giving us strong character moments as well.

As Uncle Highlander wrote in the latest edition of Read This Book, crossovers can be tough going, and often lead to not much of anything. The potential for X of Swords is strong, but it will take the entire run to ultimately decide if the series worked as something more than another event; however, as long as the crossover continues its current trend and feature issues like the recent Hellions, New Mutants, and Hellions, fans (including this one here) have nothing to complain about.

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